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Transgender Marvel Creator Debuts Transgender Mutant Superheroes

PHOTO: Oliver Darcy/Business Insider

By Jerome Hudson | 14 May 2022

BREITBART — The Disney-owned brand Marvel is rolling out more transgender characters, with transgender co-creator Charlie Jane Anders touting the addition of Escapade! “And she’s not alone,” Marvel says, “She’ll also bring along her best friend and fellow trans mutant Morgan Red.”

“Morgan was there for Shela (Escapade!) when she was first transitioning, and the two of them kind of supported each other through their transitions when they were kids,” Anders says of the new mutant heroes.

“It was really important to me to have a whole community of trans mutants in this comic – not just Shela and Morgan, but others,” Anders said. “I think that Shela has experienced some rejection because of her transness, but she’s also found an amazing community that supports her and lifts her up, and this has changed how she thinks about being a hero for sure. ”

They are just the latest LGBTQ+ additions for Marvel. It was about a year ago when the studio rolled out gay Captain America, an LBGTQ activist. […]

2 Comments on Transgender Marvel Creator Debuts Transgender Mutant Superheroes

  1. LGBTQ+ – Transness – all symbols of our society’s collapse. That’s all, nothing more.

  2. So Marvel is pushing hormone blockers, and surgery to alter your sexual characteristics.. for Superheros? Trying to push this trans gender BS on kids. WTF!

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