Does Opera ‘Carmen’ Promote Cuckoldry and Weak Males?

I saw the opera “Carmen” a few years ago. Good music but what a strange freak show centered around a weak-male cuckoldry story line. In a nutshell, the character Carmen is a self-destructing gypsy hottie who has an uncanny ability to identify potential male cuckolds and through her wiles get them to ruin their lives.

The main cuck in the story, Jose, just walks away from the normal, healthy white woman who loves him to seriously and obsessively pursue Carmen. One of the central themes is that men are idiots and potentially triggered to violence. As I watched, I thought to myself, “Is this some kind of joke the French composer Georges Bizet is trying to pull off?”

imagesAt times, such as the frequent cuckold rivals’ knife fight scenes, I thought it was supposed to be dark comedy and a spoof, but nobody else in the audience was laughing. At least the end of this ordeal and jaw-dropping train wreck was satisfying, as at last the poor super-cuck, Jose, shanks the black magic witch Carmen.

Smelling a rat I decided to dig a little deeper into the whole absurd “Carmen” story. Sure enough — and not at all surprisingly — I learned that the performance was a bust when it came out in 1875.

Furthermore, it was delayed because of fears that its themes of weirdness, betrayal, the celebratory depiction of lowlifes and murder would offend audiences. After its premiere on March 3, 1875, Bizet was convinced that the work was a failure. He died of a heart attack three months later, unaware that it would prove a spectacular and enduring success.

The shanking of Carmen. At least a happy ending.

Further research reveals Bizet’s wife was Jewish and his father-in-law a major theater kingpin. Bizet (non-Jew, 1838 -1875) was his main protegee. This shabbos goy Bizet obviously had solid musical composing talent, but the opera script seems corrupted or influenced perhaps by unknown hands? Although the original novel Carmen was written by Prosper Mérimée, it is known that Bizet had Jewish collaborators to create his version.

So here is the kicker: After years of neglect, Bizet’s works began to be performed more frequently in the 20th century. As “tastes” changed and became more toxic and hyper-tolerant, “out of the blue” later tribe commentators acclaimed Bizet as a composer of brilliance and originality whose premature death was a significant loss to French musical theater.

Throughout the last century, this asinine femme-fatale lowlife tale has been strongly promoted and recycled as a “classic” by the usual Hollyweird suspects. In fact it is used as a model for depicting males in a poor light and in turn as a backdrop for the incel movement. Any male fed a steady diet of Carmen themes in their development couldn’t help but lean toward misogyny.

This one is a candidate for further deep research. How is it that great music can be used to promote a rather sick and degenerate cuckold narrative? In other words, why “Carmen”? See for yourself, Carmen with English subtitles (below).

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  1. Excellent article. I remember being taken on a class trip to see “Carmen” and I was shocked that they would make such degenerate trash into an opera, and even more shocked that it would be considered a “classic.” This article clears up the reasons why!

  2. Thanks for the judaic connection. They’re always in there somewhere. I was very surprised to discover that Picasso was shadowed, mentored, promoted by a coterie of them who influenced his work. I like him nonetheless, but now that I know the purpose of abstract art, it’s harder to enjoy it.

  3. Henry Ford wrote in the Dearborn Independent (1920s) how Jews had taken over a vibrant and wholesome American theatre scene and interjected salacious material in their quest for profit, profit being put ahead of all other considerations.

    • You should get EM Jones, from Culture wars magazine, on to talk about music. The guy knows a ton about the cultural shift, inc. the arts.

      For some LOLs you can find him sing the ” NeoCon ” song on YouTube

    • You are missing something here. Are you a male heterosexual over the age of seventeen? Paying attention to blues’ and c&w’s lyrics might change your outlook.

  4. Funny how folks like the ones described in this post (if you know what I mean) have this tendency to use gypsies…after all, other than Jews, who else in Europe for centuries was more hated? Why. Gypsies, of course.
    And too bad Maria Callas, one of the greatest opera singers ever, was used to promote this Carmen trash. Never saw the opera, and never wanted to! Guiseppi Verde (and Rigoletto’s LaDona e Mobile (Woman is Fickle)) makes more sense, esp. when Pavarotti sings it!

  5. It seems like love triangles, faithlessness, and suspected faithlessness are a common theme in operas, which is too bad, since these are not uplifting subjects. Consider two of Mozart’s most popular operas, The Marriage of Figaro and Cosi Fan Tutte, for instance. I don’t know what was responsible for these themes being so prevalent in operas. I guess it could have been some sort of Judeo-Masonic influence.

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