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Russia Warned of False Flag Event at Kharkiv Nuclear Research Lab Days before it Happened

A Ukrainian refugee picks up a Newsweek magazine with the cover photo of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in Warsaw, Poland, 7 March, 2022. PHOTO: Twitter/Ceng Shou Yi/NurGetty

Russia Bombs Ukraine Nuclear Research Lab, Sets It Ablaze, Report Says

By Lora Kopar | 3 March 2022

NEWSWEEK — Video footage from Kharkiv, Ukraine, circulating on social media shows the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology on fire after a Russian rocket attack.

The institute has nuclear material and a reactor on its site in the northeastern city of Kharkiv, increasing fears of a potential “large-scale ecological disaster,” according to The Independent.

News of the airstrike on the research center adds to mounting fears about the potential dangers to Ukrainian nuclear power plants, such as Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia, that have been taken over by Russian forces as the invasion of Ukraine enters its third week.

Russian state-owned news agency Tass has been warning of a possible takeover of the institute for days. On Monday, it released a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry that said the Ukrainian military and the Azov battalion, a neo-Nazi military regiment, are “planning to blow up the reactor and accuse the Russian Armed Forces of allegedly launching a missile strike on an experimental nuclear system.” […]

1 Comment on Russia Warned of False Flag Event at Kharkiv Nuclear Research Lab Days before it Happened

  1. The ability of the US/’Nato’ and Russian (w China alliance) to predict each others moves- it’s almost like they have each other on the phone, isn’t it? Question is, who is gaining, and who is losing out of all this. It’s the old ‘Long range plan.’ So easy to see it now. Been pretty easy for a while, but now it’s so easy, it can be seen by basic people. We’ve got some serious COMMUNIST defection in US/NATO and Europe. If you are sidling with this Sino-Russian side, thinking ‘Bricks’ are trying to respect sovereignty, you’ve got to be kidding. China is the model, the king of that alliance, and you will be following in their footsteps. The Western issue has to do with what Anotoliy Golitsyn, and to a milder degree, Yuri Bezmenov, warned about. Golitsyn was much more thorough, though, and warned about specifically how they’d do this through ‘Private Communism,’ using ‘Fake Nationalism’ and the like- like for instance, funding a bunch of Fascist regimes, ruining their (criminal infiltrators) host country’s laws, reputation, etc- while simultaneously forming all kinds of committees, outsourcing all of the manufacturing to the East. If they were such ‘White Supremacists’ and ‘Fascists,’ they wouldn’t have been outsourcing, building up East Asia, especially China that entire time, making it this ridiculous world power, with Kissinger/Breszinski openly talking about the ‘Eurasian’ power being the future.

    A ‘Nationalist’ or more fervent ‘Fascist’ would’ve just tried to crush them, not had all of that pretense and globalist nonsense, dealing with the UN etc etc. Same they are doing now with these Ultranationalists, these ‘Nazis’- which were trained by none other than JOHN BRENNAN, who you pointed out, Russ, is a Communist. A Trotskyite. Proven, voted that way, had to take a damned lie detector test. Why is a Communist in the CIA out funding ‘Nazis’ that Russia will push into Europe and America, while Europe and America have these strict, ridiculous Zionist, Homeland Security policies that will take away all of their rights once another ‘Charlottesville’ pops up? Because he is a Communist. The funny part is, these collaborators think they get to ‘keep’ their rights. Everyone loses their shit. It’s Communism. You don’t have your Civil Rights, your protections any more. It’s all a bunch of centralized, paranoid strongarming.

    Atzmon has it on point here. Just where he talks about ‘ignorance’ and incompetence in our militaries, replace that with defectors, traitors, bribed, treasonous Communists. Only that would explain generals, brilliant chessmaster strategists ‘defending republics, liberal democracies’ hiding a Sino-Russian alliance for years, blaming Dems for China, Neocons for Russia, and now letting Putin repeat the same dumb strategy he used in Syria and act clueless about it. Probably some traitors read these comments I leave here and there. Good.

    Everything that was warned about here.

    Exactly what he said- banks, proxies, infiltration- dialectic used (one side smashes business, other launders money- the article/institutions throw up their hands, become more totalitarian)

    All of it has been true. Even more so than when they calculated it- former KGB spy, and what he said about them infiltrating us, both China and Russia, has been correct over 90 percent of his hypotheses. There were over a hundred of them, too.

    Down to these fake-Nationalists, which are being used now as Straw-men, excuses for the authoritarianism, while the dark, Red economy stays liquid and shit collapses.

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