Russ Winter Rejoins ‘The Event’ to Discuss Memory-Holed Aspects of Sandy Hook and Putin’s Economic Chess Moves

Russ joins “The Event” with James Fetzer, Giuseppe Vafanculo and David Scorpio. Private investigator Brian Davidson joins in the first hour to discuss new aspects with the memory-holed Sandy Hook stagecraft.

Hour two goes into Putin and China’s de-dollarization economic chess moves against the sub-zero posse running western governments. The hour finishes by asking where does the Ukraine crisis go next. Great reset?


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5 Comments on Russ Winter Rejoins ‘The Event’ to Discuss Memory-Holed Aspects of Sandy Hook and Putin’s Economic Chess Moves

  1. Sandy Hook

    For anyone unaware:

    Fetzer was sued for defamation by Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner — via a summary judgment (i.e. a judge decided the case, not a jury), he was found guilty — in the penalty phase (before a jury), Pozner was awarded $450k — Fetzer appealed, but lost — the Wisconsin Supreme Court then declined to hear his case — now he wants to appeal to the Supreme Court, and is asking for help funding that.

    Here is an account of how the WI court handled the defamation case:

    The Legal Lynching of a Truth-Seeker: Jim Fetzer’s Stalinist-Style Show Trial

    If so inclined, you can help Fetzer financially here:

    givesendgo/fundingfetzer — Defending the 1st and 2nd Amendments

    I believe Pozner and his lawyers already have asset liens in place against Fetzer.

    Obviously, Fetzer is in a lot of trouble financially.

    While judicially Fetzer has no other avenue of appeal, personally I think it’s very unlikely the Supreme Court will hear his case — so I wonder if any money raised might be better spent on e.g. a bankruptcy attorney to help protect Fetzer and his family financially to the maximum extent possible.

  2. I think a major aspect of this psyop must have been to see how easily the locals could be deceived. You know, shut the door, shut up, dissociate. I have family in Danbury just a few miles away and they certainly think Sandy Hook happened. This area is full of American money, people with the resources to mount a campaign against per chance a cdc pharma psyop, should they be so inclined, so it’s important to know how they will react when confronted with manifest unreality. Yup, 4 kids between the ages of 7 and 13 at the time and mom a long time middle school maths teacher just down the road and they believe it all? I also note the school is still on google maps but it was supposedly demolished and google says satellite data is updated every one to three years. Is there metadata for that image on google earth? It’s usually quite easy to see tampering in on maps and this must be old work. I know of places where maps has not been updated for much longer than this in Africa but surely the eastern US is updated at least every few years

  3. This event has been a giant “government exercise” in this mostly Jewish community/town. Their motivation for everyone to play along with the activity was the$200 million reward for their false enactment of a serious crime! Nothing was real thus the media ploy of everything and everyone involved as bizarre and out of synch with reality was appropriate to any outsider trying to get a sense of the “staged” tragedy.

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