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Wastewater samples reveal record levels of coronavirus across U.S.

‘Wastewater is going to be a leading indicator for what’s going on in a given community and what’s to come,’ said a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

By Alicia Victoria Lozano | 22 January 2022

NBC NEWS — With at-home Covid-19 tests in high demand and their efficacy in question, health departments from California to Massachusetts are turning to sewage samples to get a better idea of how much the coronavirus is spreading through communities and what might be in store for health care systems.

Experts say wastewater holds the key to better understanding the public health of cities and neighborhoods, especially in underserved areas that do not have equal access to care.

“Every time an infected person uses the toilet, they’re flushing this information down the toilet, where it’s collecting and aggregating and mixing with poop from thousands of other people,” said Newsha Ghaeli, a co-founder and the president of Biobot Analytics, a wastewater epidemiology company based in Massachusetts.

“Even if you can’t access a test, you’re still pooping,” Ghaeli said. “It doesn’t depend on you having access to health care or health insurance.” …

According to Biobot Analytic’s wastewater dashboard, coronavirus levels detected in sewage samples across the country are higher now than at any previous point in the pandemic. […]

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  1. Wastewater sampling was first brought into the picture a long time ago, maybe even in 2020 – so be sure that whatever the results are, they will be used to further an agenda linked to the basic plandemic plan, and not to our advantage. I Thought about what it might mean at the time, without any success, but I am guessing that there’s going to be yet another twist to their plot, planned in advance and designed to serve their own greater agenda in terms of tightening surveillance and control. They have more cards up their sleeve, for sure.

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