Trudeau Plays Dangerous Game Demanding U.S. Truckers Have Shots

PHOTO: North County Daily Star
  • His mandate goes against advice of top food supply expert
  • Only 50% to 60% of U.S. truckers are vaccinated, ATA estimates

By Jen Skerritt | 14 January 2022


Canada plans to start turning away unvaccinated U.S. truckers at the border this weekend, a move that threatens to upend the flow of everything from food to auto parts to building supplies between two of the world’s largest trading partners.

Only 50% to 60% of U.S. truckers are vaccinated, according to an estimate from the American Trucking Associations. The rules will make thousands of drivers ineligible for cross-border shipments, exacerbating a shortage at a time when the transportation industry is already strained.

Manufacturers are warning they may be forced to slow production and will likely face higher costs from the snarling of a supply chain that depends on an open border for the movement of some $45 billion worth of goods every month. Canada is the top export market for 32 U.S. states, according to the Department of Commerce.

Shipping will get disrupted in both directions, as the U.S. is the set to impose its own vaccine mandate on foreign travelers on Jan. 22. In Ottawa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government confirmed Thursday that truck drivers from Canada will be affected as well — forced into quarantine if they try to re-enter their own country and can’t show proof of vaccination. […]

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  1. There’s an old saying, “there’s no fool like an old fool”, well not quite. I can do one better,” there’s no fool like a politician”. Yeah I know it doesn’t role off the tongue as well, but is there anyone who doubts it? Trudeau is more than a fool, he’s a very nasty Cultural Marxist Globalist. He is a member of a rogues gallery of Globalist Puppets that includes the likes of Merkel, Macron, Morrison, Biden and many more. Apparently Trudeau is content to empty grocery shelves, even for a light illness like the alleged Covid19, that stands at 99.97% recoverable. Hell, he”ll even jab a five year old. You see…he is a very nasty individual. Pissing off Canadian and American truckers is the new speciality.

  2. When ANYONE acts against the TEN COMMANDMENTS of Almighty God, Creator of the Universe (!), he insults his own Maker. God is not mocked and those who insult Him will reap the benefit of their insults — either in this earthly life or in the next eternal spritual life after the death of their bodies. May those who perpetrate the Global Genocide against God’s Commandment “Thou shalt not kill”, refelct on what their action is and repent.

    • I think Trudeau was forced to back down after truckers blockaded border crossings.

      Buden’s mandate for Canadian truckers entering the US is still set to go for Jan 22 tho I believe.

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