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China Pet Killings Spark Fear Among Quarantined Covid Patients

Members of a police sanitation team spraying disinfectant as a preventive measure against the spread of the Covid-19 in Bozhou, China, in February 2020. More than 100 wild animals were found dead, and tests showed that they were poisoned by the disinfectant. PHOTO: Business Insider/STR/AFP/Getty

By Jenni Marsh and Michelle Fay Cortez | 15 November 2021

  • Corgi death was latest in spate of forced cullings of animals
  • China taking aggressive measures to halt the spread of delta

BLOOMBERG — Video of the beating to death of a dog in China whose owner was in quarantine has shocked the nation and terrified pet owners over how far the government might go to realize its goal of zero Covid.

The corgi, Chaofen, was seen being clubbed by government workers in protective gear after its owner had contact with a Covid-19 patient and was sent into isolation. The video was captured by a camera in the owner’s home. The dog ran into another room after being struck on the head with a metal rod.

The owner, identified in news reports as Ms. Fu, said afterward that Chaofen had died, and that the pets of some of her neighbors suffered the same fate.

Authorities in Shangrao, in the eastern province of Jiangxi, said in a statement that workers disinfecting the area had given the animal a “non-hazardous treatment” without informing the owner, after the footage went viral on China’s Weibo social media platform. […]

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