Startup Will Provide Conservative Alternatives to Woke Corporations

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13 September 2021

ASSOCIATION OF MATURE AMERICAN CITIZENS — We are at a perilous point in American history. Can what was great in our politics and culture, but is currently being ground down and snuffed out, be revived again? Can our civilization survive? …

Many people of good will predicted that the new economic engagement with China in the late twentieth century would spur the Chinese to become more like us. American dollars in trade would purchase American values in those trading with us. Yet something like the opposite has happened. Large American businesses now operate more like Chinese businesses, enforcing ruling class prerogatives and radically left-wing values. While we could wish the saying “go woke go broke” were an inexorable law, it is not. Or if it is, it does not happen immediately. Woke capital continues its successful alteration of the American economic and business landscape by driving out those who do not submit.

It’s not just workers. Recently, John Gibson, CEO of videogame company Tripwire Interactive, was defenestrated from the company he co-founded because of a tweet in support of the Supreme court’s refusal to strike down the Texas heartbeat law. It was a replay of Brendan Eich’s 2014 dismissal from the company he co-founded, Mozilla, because of donations made in 2008 to the cause of Proposition 8, which proposed to amend California’s constitution such that same-sex relationships could not be recognized as marriages. The only difference is that in 2021 one is pitched from the corporate window immediately even for voicing support of somebody else’s actions.

But woke capital does not target mere individuals, high and low. Large corporations aim to squash smaller ones that do not show their fealty to the appropriate dogmas or the ruling class regime. Gibson was pitched in large part because of the swift reaction from other companies working with Tripwire. Shipwright, another videogame company, announced in a tweeted response to Gibson that they would no longer work with Tripwire “under the current leadership structure.” Though it was phrased in business jargon that made it sound as though Shipwright had problems with Tripwire’s organizational flowchart, the message was pretty clear. Tripwire’s CEO is a deplorable and must be dealt with —or Shipwright would cease work with them. […]

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  1. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for people to understand that it isn’t ‘get woke, go broke’ if you look at it from a certain angle. From where I see it- and I’m not the only one- it’s obviously a multi-pronged protection racket. Anyone who’s followed the ADL, the story of its inception (w Mary Fagan) knows that it has been used over and over as a tool to shut down opposition, and to reverse court cases for criminals going in and out of the country, by playing a kind of race-ethno-religion card, where you can sort of leap between all three. The case of Simeon Mogilevich, the Judeo-Russian ‘Billion Dollar Don’ smuggling a ton of narcotics through a US airport is a key case- he and his partners dressed as Hassids. They were caught. Keep in mind- though Mogilevich is ‘A Jew by Birth,’ i.e. a diaspora-Jew, he doesn’t practice any religion, nor does he live in Israel. Yet he threw a fit, and the ADL came to his aid, eventually getting the charges dropped to almost nothing- what would’ve amounted to multiple felony counts. So to paraphrase- he denigrates whatever religion is being practiced, by mock-dressing in it to sell narcotics, gets caught red-handed, then claims ‘anti-semitism’- and wins the case. He makes Jews look terrible and gets rewarded. It’s much the same with ‘woke’- it has diverted what has predominantly been a class issue, as well as different cultural/socioeconomic threads- correlated to ethnicity- that keep being pulled by corrupt forces- and instead replaces that with an ‘oppression Olympics’- a gamified balkanization,

    When you accuse ‘wokists’ of being racist, they say they can’t be racist because of class, because their race does not benefit from class, so you point out they do not have class consciousness, they reduce people to biological categories like ‘white’ and ‘whiteness’ instead of talking about class, and they say those aren’t race, they’re culture. You point out that ‘white’ is a melanin level, a biological trait, and they say that everything is relative, subjective, and so biology doesn’t exist- skin is in the eye of the beholder. It’s circular nonsense. That’s why it works as a tool to carve up cultures- all the while, the financial class starts bribing the barbarians and huns on the outside, because its too easy- they’re dumb. Divide and conquer isn’t ‘go broke’- it’s destroy the foundation, and then divide up the spoils. It’s a trainwreck on purpose, and these young neocons are running around, acting as if ‘woke’ is actually attempting to succeed in some antiquated world of ‘laissez faire’ economics, where they’re getting slapped around by ‘the invisible hand.’ That was over long ago- ‘the Black hand’ of Offshore and Central Banking, Organized Crime extortion, washing its money into everything, monopolizing everything from textiles to real estate to controlling the port authorities, made that old Adam Smith nonsense obsolete. Just listen to Blackrocks Larry Fink talk about how much ‘markets hate peoples opinions changing around a lot, they don’t like growth, they very much prefer totalitarianism.’ He could’ve just said ‘We all hate markets up here in the one percent, hate the idea of creativity or competition. We think good and services should just be for us, we can just steal shit from people, like ideas we never came up with, while we poison them with narcotics for a trillion dollars annually.’

    Here’s a great talk where this circular logic is explained, mainly with Jews, But it’s a kind of epistemology- so you can see where this Frankfurt School, ‘post-modern’ stuff comes from- it’s not really philosophy, but a kind of disintegrative weapon, designed to tear cultures down through an evasive game of Pilpul and ego-stroking word-salad. But at root, the same logical games, with inbuilt errors, are being played.

    As for the ‘protection’ part- woke has worked, in its short lifespan, the same way that the ADL has. Take Black Lives Matter, for instance. Record breaking arson, shootings, assaults in US history- all Robber Baron funded, by the huge corporations, bipartisan- much of it laundered back into Bidens campaign, as well, who is know forcing the most draconian measures we’ve seen toward ‘dissident’ or ‘oppositional’ groups to any kind of government in the US, totally in-your-face Fascism, or Communism- Communitarianism, really. But they’ve used it to protect Narco-rackets the same way. Take this as just one small example, of many- connect these

    1.) ‘This was organized crime . . . highly organized . . . tens of thousands in Jewelry stolen . . .’

    2.) Now see what disappears here- one instance of a number of these


    4.) And finally, look what turns up. In Portland.

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