UK Firms Warned of Legal Risks If They Adopt ‘Jabs for Jobs’ Policy

PHOTO: North County Daily Star

By Alexander Zhang | 4 August 2021

THE EPOCH TIMES — British businesses requiring their employees to receive COVID-19 vaccines will face potential legal actions over discrimination, the co-chairman of the UK government’s flexible working taskforce has warned.

Peter Cheese, who also serves as chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), said he would “strongly caution companies against adopting a ‘jabs for jobs’ principle or policy.”

He said the policy is “fraught with lots of potential discrimination and legal issues” and is therefore on “shaky legal ground.”

“There are valid reasons why people may not want to take a vaccination and employers have to understand and accept that,” he told The Telegraph.

“Some of this will get tested in courts of law because it’s a relatively new phenomenon. That’s the risk companies are facing.”

Last week, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), the UK’s equalities watchdog, urged businesses to be “proportionate” and “non-discriminatory” when considering adopting vaccine mandates for their staff. […]

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  1. Constructive dismissal is the relevant UK legislation – if you are forced to resign through unlawful demands made by your employer, you can be compensated and awarded damages, and your employer is liable to be fined or worse. Important to state that you are quitting under duress. Cases held before tribunals.

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