(Kunstler! Home Run) In a Hall of Mirrors You Have To Break Some Glass To See Clearly

SOURCE: Science Matters

By James Howard Kunstler | 26 July 2021

CLUSTERFUCK NATION — I’ll tell you what’s really funny: the new Sam Harris “Making Sense” podcast with Dr. Eric Topol, veep of Scripps Research. These two just can’t make sense of why the folks outside their Southern California smuggery bubble have any reservations about getting vaxed-up against Covid-19. It’s like a mental illness to them — all these selfish, Trump-driven, flag-smooching ignoramuses beyond the pale of Wokery, who are putting at risk their science-loving betters in the PhD hives of the New Normal, while that King Kong of Covid variants (code-name Delta) rages through the hillsides and canyons beneath Mulholland Drive. The insolence! Can’t these morons just follow simple instructions (available 24/7 at CNN)?

Okay, here’s why, Sam and Eric: Because every institution in American life has squandered its credibility in the service of a political program that seeks to destroy whatever used to be worth caring about in Western Civ, including free thought, free speech, free inquiry, free movement, truth, beauty, and the right to resist official coercion. Half the country has no trust in the government’s public health apparatus, led by the — shall we say — slippery Dr. Anthony Fauci. Should they believe NPR? The New York Times? CBS-News? Should they follow every bob and judder of Rachel Maddow’s Adam’s apple? Should they swallow every globule of obvious horse-shit served up by Jen Psaki?

Hey Sam and Eric, have you followed what went on in the US Department of Justice and the FBI the past five years, these supposed redoubts of rectitude? The manufactured “Russian Collusion” hoax? The official lying to FISA courts? The malicious prosecutions? The transparently seditious activities of CIA agent Eric Ciaramella & Co.? The hiding of Hunter Biden’s evidence-stuffed laptop?  The enlistment of Facebook, Twitter, and Google in suppression of the news and censorship of opinion? Do you expect people to believe that the basement-haunting “Joe Biden” won an election with those slim victories in the Wokester-controlled, fraud-drenched city precincts of Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Detroit? Or that Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray wouldn’t lie about it? […]

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  1. No offense but this article is fighting stupid with stupid. This cov-idiocy has nothing to do do with the hollow husk Biden or the ((Russian)) money laundering tRUMP because it’s all over the world. Fight the cabal bullshit with facts like who is invested in these jabs, all the white papers put out by the usual suspects predicting this scam including Microsoft patents to connect humans to the “internet of things” deaths and injuries from this poison ….etc… Sure Biden didn’t win but since all are just script reading lapdogs we would pretty much be at the same point today regardless of what stooge is in the White House. Just 2 factions fighting- the ((commies)) Demonrats and the ((Nazis)), Republicans. Neither cares about the people.These opinions are of the commentor only 😊

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