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California Is Experiencing a Crime ‘Tsunami’: Sacramento DA

By Vanessa Serena | 25 July 2021

THE EPOCH TIMES — California is experiencing a wave of crime even as Gov. Gavin Newsom is claiming a decrease during the past three decades, officials say.

“You’ve got violent crime off the charts,” Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert told The Epoch Times. “You’ve got this tsunami of things that are happening. Violent crime, illegal guns, [and] rampant theft.”

On July 21 in Los Angeles, when asked if state policies are making crime worse, Newsom denied the state is seeing a rise in crime.

“The evidence doesn’t back it up. Last three decades, we’ve actually seen a significant decline in crime in the state,” he said.

According to a Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) released in 2021, four major cities in the state have encountered an increase in homicide and car thefts. Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, and San Francisco are experiencing such heightened crime, following a drop in violent crime in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Data provided by PPIC shows that in 2020, Los Angeles reported a 40 percent homicide increase from 2019; Oakland reported a 36 percent increase. San Francisco and San Diego both reported increases from 41 to 48 percent and 50 percent to 55 percent, respectively.

In January and February 2021, violent crime fell 12 percent compared to the first few months of 2020. PPIC attributed the decrease to fewer robberies and aggravated assaults. Out of the four cities, Oakland was the only one that recorded an increase in aggravated assaults, of about 10 percent. […]

2 Comments on California Is Experiencing a Crime ‘Tsunami’: Sacramento DA

  1. My Pelican Brief: What If?

    In exchange for future Election Votes, Soros, JOETUS, and Deep State Democrat Party Leadership are Replacing US in masses with Illegal Aliens and Early-Release Career Criminals, as they jockey – in our faces – to take away our firearms. It would be the biggest case of Human-Trafficking and Global Extortion in US History. And, as the world is watches, the Failed Bureau of Investigation does absolutely nothing about it. Thus, leaving We The American People with the public perception that JOETUS’ Crime Family, aka The Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse has arranged to quietly use the FBI and FISA (just to name a few agencies) as their clandestine private Security Detail as Muscle on US who choose to resist.

    Just watch, as our recent pull-out of Afghanistan left a vacuum for Communist-China to step in, the CCP is now working in cooperation with Taliban Terrorists in likely effort to mass infiltrate our Southern US Border, so the Tali can come up in here, via our (JOETUS-Opened) Southern Border, and start blowing our sh..t up.

    In short, JOETUS’ millions of dollars in loans, bribes, and pay-offs from the CCP was likely – in return – his guarantee to destabilize our once United States so much (to Defund our Police and Demoralize our US Military) that such self-destruction would leave an open vacuum for vulnerability and mass Civil Unrest on US Soil. Exactly what is, as of the past few months, he has done with regard to our recent US Military Withdraw from Afghanistan. Then after JOETUS’ has intentionally staged foundation for and inherent Civil War Footing on our US Soil, he could then call his CCP Triad-Associates and request 50,000 of the CCP’s best Commandos – to put CCP boots on US Ground to suppress any uprising between US Citizens.

    If so, JOETUS, The Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse, with Bob Mueller as their Security Director, will have successfully cleared a Global Path for the CCP’s New Silk Road & Bridge Initiative, starting right here on the American Continent.

    The Clintons got their feet wet in high-level American Politics, when they rode the Coattails of the initially legitimate Reagan, Bush, North Iran-Contra Operations to get our American Hostages back home. The Clintons used a small Mena Arkansas Air-strip and a Costa Rican air strip in or near the Guanacaste Province (Loads in Exchange for Silence on Iran-Contra) for their good friend Pablo Escobar and more.

    To-date News Reports that JOETUS’ Brother Frank has been – since at least late 2008 – in Guanacaste laying down Development Infrastructure (at the US Taxpayer’s Costs – a Gift from former President Obama/then VP Biden – of over 6-million USD), all in apparent advance effort for the CCP’s New Silk Road & Bridge Initiative of the Americas, near the Panama Canal Zone and Nicaragua (where the CCP had planned their Super Canal Zone to likely connect to the 1993 Clinton-drafted NAFTA Plan and the NAFTA Super Highway.

    They’re Replacing US, folks – clearing a path for the CCP’s historical dream of Global Population Control, starting with ceasing control of our US Seaways access from the Atlantic to Pacific, our US Import/Export, Manufacturing, and World Trade Routes. Next comes their US land grabs to lay down “Infrastructure” on US Soil. Could that be why Bill Gates is buying up farmland? Hmmmmm – Interesting.

    This may very well all be happening before our eyes – for those of US left still paying attention. For me, Arkansas is where it all started, and this is where it Ends.

  2. As for this Article’s Topic, my above Comment explains it likely why California has become a “Free-Crime-Zone”, and why DAs’ are Saturated with cases they can’t complete. California was the Deep State Democrat Party Leadership’s, JOETUS’ FBI Training/Proving Ground to see if its all going to work at a Nation-wide level. Covid-19, the CCP Virus was their Gateway to walk it through, and the equally bad California Virus has spread it all across our Nation like wildfire.

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