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Trad Cat Knight’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Discuss Fakebook Ethics and the Real Story About Bill Cosby (and Site Related Announcements)

As always, Trad Cat Knight’s quick-hitting 35-minute shows are perfect for those who prefer keeping it short.

Relevant posts covered in this podcast:

The Dino Ryan Show

For those who have been listening to the “Dino Ryan Show” live at 8 p.m. EST on Tuesdays or the day after WW post, please be aware that my participation on this show has ended.

As best as I can understand it — based on Dino’s own words live on the air — he is burned out on discussing dark subjects, the social-political focus of the show and fighting against the prevailing stream of our inverted, twisted society. I also think Dino may have also done a calculus and determined there are just too many disinterested and permanent pajama people among his old core audience of sports fans who are being turned off by his format of the last months. I get that. And Winter Watch on the Radio was mostly for a niche audience.

Accordingly, Dino is tilting more back to sports to extend his reach and because that’s what he personally enjoys. I have listened to one of his new segments on sports and, although I have no personal interest in them in the future, they are quite good and knowledge-filled for the sports inclined. One thing I must say about Dino: He is talented at what his does. I wish Dino Ryan nothing but the best in his endeavors.

For my part, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, these weekly shows were conducted in the wee hours of the night, which took a toll on my sleep schedule. On the other hand, Dino and I developed a very nice on-air camaraderie that I will miss. I learned a lot about broadcasting style and method, and I kicked that up a couple notches during my time spent on the Dino Ryan Show, which lasted nearly a year.

During the last year, more podcasters have extended invitations to do guest and regular spots on their shows (during normal hours for me). Included in these new spots are the Brain Trust and the legendary James Fetzer. So if you like tuning in to podcasts, there will be plenty coming in the future.

The final takeaway is that Dino and I created a body of work you can access in Winter Watch’s podcast section. In total, there are 37 one-hour segments on a variety of topics that you can avail at your leisure. Mostly these programs are evergreen material on topics that will remain pertinent. Some are classics. So rather than just miss the weekly show, I suggest going to this treasure trove and seeing what you may have missed.

The Comment Section of Winter Watch

Winter Watch’s platform is a user-friendly WordPress publishing software. WordPress has an algorithm that adapts to our site content and culture and sniffs out trolls and blocks spam that might otherwise end up in the comments section of our website. I can easily just put these flagged items in trash. As a result, spammers and trolls don’t really try as much chicanery anymore — or at least of the less sophisticated variety anyway. We also have the ability to blacklist problem children for good.

I am sensitive to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and the more sophisticated troll and shill attempts, and I will try to intercept those. There are several variations of this I am wary of. One such example are comments from newcomers offering “friendly advice” that really is just masking an attempt at gaslighting, which I go off on.

Some have started posting lengthy documents with multiple links. I have been letting them slide as some have merit. However, please don’t show up and put up more than two long winded articles up in one day from a website. That is not conducive with the commentariat.

If it is your first time in the commentariat, your remark will be automatically placed in a queue by WordPress. It may take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours for us to approve and clear first-time commenters. It might take even longer, if you make a comment in the middle of the night European time.

If the comment is good and the commenter looks like a fit for our website, I will put that person on our white list. But white list status can be revoked and  comments can be deleted. And, yes, I am applying some quality control here like any good editor. The algo, as spam protection, will also stop multiple linked comments even from white list participants.

NOTE: If you post as “Anonymous,” the WordPress comment algorithm will not permit us to white list you, and your comments will always be placed in the queue for moderator approval.

14 Comments on Trad Cat Knight’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Discuss Fakebook Ethics and the Real Story About Bill Cosby (and Site Related Announcements)

  1. I looked forward to your shows with Dino and I will miss them. Thanks to Dino, I discovered some other sites/writers like Counter Currents, Gary Barnett and Occidental Observer. As for his return to “sports”, I had a hunch that it had something to do with his core base not liking his new content. Unfortunately, there are too many pyjama people out there. Anyway, Keep up the good work.

  2. KUDOS Mr Winter! My thoughts exactly on Cosby another #Metoo skanks trading sex for jobs then the outing by the (((usual suspects))) Since I have a memory longer then a fruit fly unlike most people I remember Cosby wanting his own network for wholesome family viewing (no matter how ironic that may appear) and trying to help the black community shed the Kosher programming. 2 BIG No-NOs ..NOW what about when Cosby’s son was murdered under ridiculously stupid circumstances by a (((((Ukrainian))))) have you checked into this?

  3. That was an astonishing comment. I shall look into both issues. With the me too situation being so prominent I , unusually, went for guilt before trial. Clever as well as evil. It’s tough being a member of the penocracy and then to misuse all of the power that comes with the position. Most of these isms are barking and bouncing of the walls. Discourse is dead and insults backed with It’s ally, ignorance have gained the edge and marginalised alternative or original thought.¹

    • “Guilt before trial” makes me think of the George Floyd psyop where the city paid Floyds “tearless” family members millions before the trial?? The hefty pay out the “family”, trial, “3” trials during the scamdemic, Floyd and even Chauvin-ism all fake as f@ck

  4. Although I do like some of the other shows / podcasts on WW, Winter Watch on the radio will be missed (it was my favorite). Certainly, I wish Dino and his family all the best in the future.

    Further, I will check out the show and his webpage from time-to-time. There are some crossover articles in the world of sports that have a broader context, and as RW pointed out, Dino is knowledgeable and well spoken on these topics. Also, the gentleman has an excellent sense of humor.

    For instance, Dino mentioned / linked to the recent NFL advertisement, in which the league implies that it is for everyone, except “straight people”. Now in my world, an implication like that would equate (me) suggesting that the Internal Revenue Service should seek to strip the league of its 501c3 status (nonprofit status) due to the idea that the league is breaking with its stated mission and has not sought to refile a new mission statement.

    The story also brings to mind Mr. Norman Dodd and the Reece Commission (which has a thread or two on WW). This type of highlight on Dino’s part has a great deal of crossover interest to me and will prompt me to keep visiting his site from time-to-time (as I do not really follow sports much these days).

    Should Dino read this, I wish you good luck, as well as for God to continue blessing you and yours!

    All my best,
    Simple Citizen

  5. Something not to be missed at the Jim Stone site, a video of the fake Fauci. Now they are passing off an actor wearing a Fauci latex mask. They forgot to cover the lower neck where all is revealed. What did they do with the real mass murderer? Guess he wasn’t getting the jab program through good enough.

  6. Russ, just in case, the reason why young people are leaving fakebook is because they are moving to Instagram, which was bought by fakebook. So now they have this other platform, even more trivial and photo-dependent, tailored to this audience. And not surprisingly, it is more invasive to the “smartphone” than fb.

    • I reckon Dino’s decision to go back to sports was primarily financial. Or maybe he received threats. I say that because nobody who is awake to what’s going on in this world, as Dino more or less was, would ever care to return to covering the mainstream sports propaganda complex and the putrid bile they spew out on a daily basis. He said he was burnt out covering dark subjects, I can see that. What I can’t see is how covering sports will energize him. I find it increasingly difficult to care one iota about the public relations spectacle that is sports. For example, I just found out today that my once lifetime favorite nba team was in the finals, starting tonight. I had no clue that they were any good, or had even made the playoffs. I won’t be tuning in for one second- I just don’t care. Having to re-immerse myself in such trivial subjects as sports would be torture now, my sentiments. I say that because for me there is a moral aspect to choosing to be interested in sports now, especially when I know that the purpose of them is not objective professional sporting competition, but simply as a bread and circuses distraction/cultural programming/looting operation. A person giving credence to such a thing by joining the multitude of people already covering such a meaningless subject as if it matters doesn’t help anyone and reflects poorly upon that person. Sorry if I find it difficult to give a damn about these sports teams and leagues that seek to distract otherwise decent people from their own destruction. Call me old fashioned but I find the idea off-putting, especially in the name of wanton entertainment. The “right to be entertained” is the bane of the modern American pajama person. I like Dino as a broadcaster and I understand he has a family, but his decision could be easily viewed as something in the range of selling out to going back to sleep. If their aim is the same end goal, what is the difference between working to cover sports instead of covering mainstream news? I guess the sportscaster can say that they didn’t parrot any known lies like the newscaster did. But the sportscaster also distracted attention away from the real issue. My point is that telling lies to achieve an objective for bad people and distracting from said lies by covering sports is in the same spectrum. Covering sports may not be AS bad, but it doesn’t help AT ALL, either.

  7. Quick comment about trolls. I have here and at another site been, more than once, accused of being such; one person paid me the compliment of suggesting that I might be a “clever troll”. Why? Perhaps because I tend to play “devils advocate” – by offering e.g. (sometimes slightly off topic) counter-examples – or, in general, “yes, but” sorts of suggestions. To some extent, that’s the best I can do, my substantive knowledge of the subject areas being far less than our hosts and other commenters (until recently I was in the Freemasons are old guys playing cards crowd). But “echo chamber” distortions are always a danger and, as such, (well intentioned) “trolls” have a role to play.

  8. I was a big fan of Dino’s program, and I made a point to listen on Tuesday night for the Russ Winter segment. But, I stopped listening when I realized that these shows simply don’t accomplish any goals. We need real leaders and organizers willing to get an organic movement off the ground. We need to get more active in the community. Content creators are a dime a dozen. Why spend time rehashing everything over and over? We know what the problems are. It reminds me of the orchestra playing during the sinking of the Titanic. I don’t want to be entertained 24/7. I want change. You won’t get that listening and not doing. Just my two cents. By the way, I read Winter Watch long before I listened to the Dino Show.

    • Good content makers are becoming scarcer. Many have been purged or delegated to backwaters. Others especially, the best investigators, are quitting, black pilled, and are almost nonexistent.

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