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A Prime Example of Black Magik Mind Control

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On Winter Watch, we’ve cited many examples of just how the Crime Syndicate uses black magik to pull wool over the eyes of pajama people. In fact, to toot our horn some, we do as good a job as anybody at dispensing with this. But once in a while an example comes along that offers a valuable lesson because of its pure and direct simplicity.

My radio colleagues Dino Ryan and Giuseppe Vafanculo have both coined their own term for this magic and trickery: “the mind fuck” or “mind fuckery.”

Such is the case with a new CBC story that serves up this coinkydink as its headline: “Why COVID-19 may now feel like a ‘bad cold’ — with headache, runny nose among most-reported symptoms.”

CBC then edifies us that “data comes from U.K. symptom-tracking app, and experts say multiple factors could be at play.” Here is where black magik neuro-linguistic programming is utilized. The zombified see the words “data” and “experts.” This appeal to authority is designed to razzle dazzle you.

The “medical experts” then go on to reveal, “Headache, sore throat, runny nose and fever are now the top four reported symptoms.”

“It’s more like a bad cold in this younger population,” Spector said.

Having a cough clocked in as the fifth most-reported symptom — less common than before, he said.

Next, the razzle dazzling tries to infer that symptoms are some how differentiated from the common cold because “curiously, we did notice that people who had been vaccinated and then tested positive for COVID-19 were more likely to report sneezing as a symptom compared with those without a jab.”

Also curious is how they (and others) of late are slipping in that the vaccinated are catching the cold (aka sneezing and/or testing Covid positive). Yes, Martha. Surprise, surprise. The vaccines don’t work that well.

Yes, curious indeed. When was the last time you ranked your symptoms from your common colds. I have had numerous colds over my life, and they all seem random as far as “headaches, sore throat, runny nose, fever and sneezing” go.

In fact, I don’t need to be a “scientist” to state that each individual reacts differently to common colds and at different times and conditions. And each common cold strain has a different ball spin. But for millennias they all have been variations of the five symptoms mentioned in the CBC edification article. Personally, I have always been a sneezer and a runny nose kind of guy. But, hey, that’s just me.

And what role have lockdowns, leading to lack of fresh air and sunshine (vitamin D), played in all this? What are lockdown and restriction psychological effects? That is conveniently omitted from the discussion by the black magik charlatans.

And then they proclaim that the latest Delta variant of the common cold “seems to be working slightly differently.” Slightly. What a bunch of mind fuckery.

Could it be because this “variant” is little more than a “slightly different” common cold? Of course, there are seasonal factors involved, such as allergies and hay fever. Could that cause more sneezing during late spring, Sherlock? Do they think people have stupid written all over their faces.

Then, the eggheads fess up that age may be a factor. Whodathunk? Younger people have better immune systems than old folks. So enlightening, simply brilliant.

“I think what we will find over time is that symptoms almost certainly vary according to age, and they may also vary according to strain or variants,” he said.

Notice they skip the fact that colds always morph over time and season. I can’t believe they put this out with a straight face.

And then there is this new factor when dealing with common colds and flu: the mask. Just speaking for myself, but when I am required to strap on a mask for a half-hour ordeal inside stores and metro transport, my throat gets itchy, I cough more (bronchial) and my nose stuffs up. Often, this lasts awhile afterward.

Could it be that bacteria, fungi and parasites get trapped on my face, mouth and nose by the mask? Nose and throat are the first line of defense. I know for a fact that pathogens in these masks are affecting me. Independent tests are being run on masks indicate that this is widely the case. And why so few studies on masks and health? What a curious omission by the black magicians. It’s like the missing CCTV cameras every time they run a hoax.

For further reading:

And I can’t imagine how sick the Branch Covidians — who constantly wear masks — are. How have you been feeling lately, smucks? Get a black light or microscope and check your mask after a little use. That should resolve the question without the need for black magicians to explain it all.

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8 Comments on A Prime Example of Black Magik Mind Control

  1. Problem is, that you will soon not be able to articulate the hoax once secondary pathogens take over and get labeled as “variants”. People , just as in the Spanish Flu, are poisoning themselves via stress, acidity, and toxins…NOT VIRUS

    These videos go a long way to explaining the origin of this exercise but fall short in revealing ACT II

    And this

    Next up will be how fifth gen high frequency microwaves affect the vaxxed…Stay tuned, Its gonna get ugly. Think mood alterations via frequency….

    • U of F is very liberal too, even though it is in the heart of ‘maga’ country here in Florida. I have read this, and it seems to be a very fair, legit study, but you are right, they told us to mask up and even double mask knowing damn well that masks spread disease rampantly. Sick puppies, but we know that here at WWatch.

    • Your link – reports the same incident which the “U of Florida Lab…” link above reports.
      Notice that it was parents who initiated – not the FDA – and one year into the mask mandates.

      Notice also the “Sweden’s Senior…” link actually says the masks are “very dangerous” only because they instill a false set of beliefs as to how to “avoid Covid” infections – unmentioned is simply how filthy they are. The belief that one can trap pathogens near one”s face and re-breath them safely for many hours a day is A-OK!

      Has anyone done some neuro-linguistic analysis of just that word “jab” = inoculation ? Formerly it seemed exclusively UK and Austra. argot – now becoming more globalized? – Does anyone else find it peculiarly offensive or grating?

      I am finding it helpful – if maddening – to stay in touch with a “Big Med” daily news service – the latest in all things Covid from that perspective

      Medscape dot com

      They are also “reporting” today that – ha ha – “More Evidence Doctors’ Work Hours Dropped During the Pandemic” – never mind on that “overwhelm the healthcare system” mind fuckery!

      Everyone is going to be big bundle of double think fuckery 24 x 7.

      As for 5G – personally I am playing catch up there – as i am on Chemtrails – today – after some days or weeks of apparent absence – having already wrecked a crystal blue early summer sky at points on the US East Coast – now milky white.

      But, my reading suggests that 5G antennas remain very sparsely distributed even here in metro-land – as do actual 5G enabled devices … wasn’t the idea that they needed to be extremely dense to broadcast effectively?

      • Perhaps the word “Jab” is best suited for our future lexicon that’s awash in “non vaccine related” updates…i.e. Vitamin Jab, Protein Jab, Happy Jab, Sad Jab…Get to Work Jab…..
        How bout -Etymology; Jab; To penetrate so as to inject…Or to Joke and denigrate???? Just makin that up of course

  2. We keep talking about variants of a virus for which no scientific evidence has been presented. Every has lost his mind.

  3. See Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory of 12 years ago at Lew Rockwell blog. Spells the whole covid thing out in almost perfect exactness.

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