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The NYT’s Dishonest Coverage of Miami’s ‘Spring Break’ Chaos

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Its reporters are doing what they do best: ignoring the real story and attacking their opponents.

By Jack Cashill | 23 March 2021

THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR — What a curious thing it must be to write for the New York Times. Your employer has cultivated an educated audience that knows less about what is really happening in America than does the average Joe, and your mandate is to keep that audience ignorant.

The recent chaos in Miami Beach presented an opportunity to do just that. If the three reporters assigned to the story — “Miami Beach, Overwhelmed by Spring Break, Extends Emergency Curfew” — had spent just an hour on Google, they would know what Joe knows. To get this story past their woke editors, however, they apparently had to pretend that Joe doesn’t know what he knows.

Joe, for starters, knows that this is not the spring break Connie Francis sang about. In fact, it is not a spring break at all. Traditionally, a spring break has actually been a “break” in the middle of a student’s semester that lasts about a week, maybe two. What’s going on in Miami has lasted about six weeks and counting. […]

1 Comment on The NYT’s Dishonest Coverage of Miami’s ‘Spring Break’ Chaos

  1. From the article:

    Joe knows from the amateur videos posted all over the internet that the “unruly revelers” — Timespeak — are almost to a person African American.

    For all practical purposes, nowhere in the West today is there honest reporting where race is in any way involved, especially conspicuously involved — this started decades ago when, as part of editorial policy, media outlets began omitting suspect descriptions from crime stories, ostensibly so as not to stoke ‘racism’, but presumably to (dishonestly) protect the ‘diversity’ angle they otherwise constantly push — soon many of the same media outlets eliminated their comment sections because so/too many readers were pointing out the lack of any info about/description of suspects, or making remarks re how nearly all the violent crime in their area seemed to involve ‘minorities’ — William McGowan’s book ‘Coloring the News’ directly addressed this editorial/newsroom issue (link); it was written 20 years ago.

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