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The Far Left Tool Kit

Federal police officers battle with BLM rioters and local Antifa outside the Federal Justice Center in Portland, Oregon. It is said that President Trump sent federal officers to Portland to protect the city's federal buildings, which have been under assault for weeks. City officials, rather than quell the violence, have shown support for rioters, who have waged a months’-long campaign of destruction in the city, including looting and vandalizing businesses, tearing down statues, setting parks on fire, violently attacking counter protesters and setting buildings on fire, including the federal building. A federal judge in Portland on Thursday rejected a lawsuit by Oregon’s attorney general -- Ellen Rosenblum, a Jewish-American attorney from Berkeley, Calif. – to restrain federal officers from detaining persons suspected of criminal behavior. TEXT: Winter Watch/PHOTO: via The Independent

By Lee Duigon | 29 April 2021

NEWS WITH VIEWS — Fundamentally transforming America into a socialist hell-hole is a big job, even for confirmed fanatics and other bad guys. But they’re doing it as fast as they can; and here are six of the most useful tools in their kit.

*The Ruptured Border. Refusing to enforce our nation’s borders is indispensable. You not only import chaos — and people will give the government more power if they think it will protect them from chaos — but you can also import weird foreign diseases. And now we know that the threat of a new disease can justify all sorts of restrictions on our freedoms. Since the rise of a certain disease in 2020, statists have never had it so good.

*Riots Ready to Go. The threat of riots will deter courts from making rulings that the wokies don’t like. So they keep the riots simmering on the stovetop, ready at an instant’s notice. Raw physical terror, coupled with millions of dollars’ worth of damage to our cities, will keep the judges in line. […]

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    Here are the brains behind CHAOS in America today!
    KILL 25,000,000 AMERICANS
    by William F. Jasper October 31, 2008
    by William F. Jasper October 27, 2008

    •Who said, “I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being.”
    Among other things, President Barack Obama said:
    •Sent 3,500 U.S. troops and tanks to Russia’s doorstep in one of his final decisions as president.
    •Ordered ten times more drone strikes than Bush.
    •Dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016 alone (an average of 72 bombs every day).
    •Put boots on the ground in Syria, despite 16 times saying “no boots on the ground”
    •Despite campaign pledges, planned a $1 trillion program to add more nuclear weapons to the US arsenal in the next 30 years.
    •Dropped bombs in 7 Muslim countries; and then bragged about it.
    •Bragged about his use of drones – I’m “really good at killing people”.
    •Deported a modern-record 2 million immigrants.
    •Signed the Monsanto Protection Act into law.
    •Started a new war in Iraq.
    •Initiated, and personally oversees a ‘Secret Kill List’.
    •Pushed for war on Syria while siding with al-Qaeda .
    •Backed neo-Nazis in Ukraine.
    •Supported Israel’s wars and occupation of Palestine.
    •Deployed Special Ops to 134 countries – compared to 60 under Bush.
    •Did a TV commercial promoting “clean coal”.
    •Drastically escalated the NSA spying program .
    •Signed the NDAA into law – making it legal to assassinate Americans w/o charge or trial.
    •Given Bush absolute immunity for everything.
    •Pushed for a TPP Trade Pact.
    •Started a new war on terror – this one on ISIS .
    •Signed more executive memoranda than any other president in history.
    •Transferred more than $100 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia, more than any other administration in history.
    •Signed an agreement for 7 military bases in Colombia .
    •Opened a military base in Chile.
    •Touted nuclear power, even after the disaster in Japan.
    •Opened up deep-water oil drilling, even after the BP disaster.
    •Mandated the Insider Threat Program which orders federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues.
    •Defended body scans and pat-downs at airports.
    •Signed the Patriot Act extension into law.
    •Launched 20,000 Airstrikes in his first term.
    •Continued Bush’s rendition program.
    •Said the U.S. is the “one indispensable nation” in the world.
    •Waged war on Libya without congressional approval.
    •Started a covert, drone war in Yemen
    •Escalated the proxy war in Somalia.
    •Escalated the CIA drone war in Pakistan.
    •Sharply escalated the war in Afghanistan.
    •Repealed the Propaganda ban, making it legal to spread government propaganda via news outlets.
    •Assassinated 4 US citizens with drone strikes
    OH YEAH!

    • The 8 years of Obama we’re definitely dark days in the history of the Republic. And yes, the bitch is back. Bill Oreilly believes that the hack Susan Rice is handling both Biden and Kabbala Harris.

      • Rodolfo,



        THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY: A Century of Rockefellers, Rothschilds

        THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY : A study of the Anglo- American Establishment; Rockefeller, Mellon, Luce, Rothschild, Cecil, Windsor, the Federal Reserve, WWII, the CIA, and So Much More

        THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY – Enemy of Humanity – American ……
        Aug 07, 2019 • The Pilgrims are dominated by a small group of families including Rockefeller, Kissinger, Rothschilds, Rhodes, Milner, Woolsey (self-styled “British and American Aristocracy” modelled on Cecil Rhodes’ British-American federation dream

        THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY British-American Pilgrims Society Behind Lenin and …
        Oct 03, 2019 • The Rockefellers were also founding members of the Pilgrims Society and financial backers of the Tavistock Institute (for psychological propaganda). In 1909, P.W. Wilson was a member of Parliament as well as parliamentary correspondent for the London Daily News (1907-1917).

        “[I.G. Farben’s] cartel agreements numbered over 2,000 and included agreements with such major industrial concerns as [the Rockefellers’] Standard Oil of New Jersey, the Aluminum company of America, E. I. du Pont de Nemours, Ethyl Export corporation, Imperial Chemical Industries of Great Britain, the Dow Chemical company, Rohn and Haas, Establishments, Kuhlmann of France and the Mitsui interests of Japan.”
        – December 11, 1945, Council Bluffs Nonpareil (Iowa), ‘Farben tested poison gas on camp inmates’

        THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY: A study of the Anglo- American Establishment; Rockefeller, Mellon, Luce, Rothschild, Cecil, Windsor, the Federal Reserve, WWII, the CIA, and So Much More
        By: Joël van der Reijden | Date: July 17, 2008 | Updated: April 20, 2019 | Members plus bios | Photocopies | NGO Study Center

        “There are several curious things about these Pilgrims functions. In the first place there is present at these dinners an array of notables such as it would be difficult to bring together under one roof for any other purpose and by any other society… Among the guests were John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, Thomas W. Lamont and other members of the House of Morgan… We are entitled to know what the Pilgrim Society is, what it stands for, and who these powerful Pilgrims are that can call out the great to hear a British Ambassador expound to Americans the virtues of a united democratic front.”
        John T. Whiteford asking very reasonable questions in his 1940 pamphlet ‘Sir Uncle Sam: Knight of the British Empire’.

  2. The Far Left Tool Kit

    Twitter/Buck SextonThe Facebook Oversight Board announced its ruling that former President Donald Trump will remained BANNED from the platform.

    At the link is a foto of ‘Facebook Oversight Board’ members — it’s about what you might expect.

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