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Oberlin College: A History of Cults

In the fall of 2017, Oberlin College posted a job announcement for Social Justice Education Facilitators to assist in implementing the “social justice curriculum and education program.” For $8.15 an hour, one of the paramount duties is on-campus training in social justice activism, with program titles such as “Power, Privilege, and Oppression Training, Beyond the Binary Training, and Microaggressions Trainings.” PHOTO: Washington Examiner/AP/Tony Dejak/File

British “Christian missionaries” founded Ohio’s Oberlin College in the decades leading up to the Civil War. Similar to the Manichean cult, Oberlin was organized around the principle that the material world was wholly evil, and all students (i.e. initiates) were required to become vegetarians. From Oberlin’s student body, some of the most violent radical abolitionist terrorists were recruited, trained, deployed and safe-housed during the Civil War.

Like its predecessor the radical abolitionist movement, the Temperance Movement was founded at Oberlin in the post-Civil War period as a violent cult (known at the time as “Organized Motherlove”). At the height of the Prohibition drive during the 1910s, bands of ax-wielding lesbians — the Susan Saxes and Bernadine Dohrns of their day — received banner headlines for their assaults against saloons throughout the Ohio Valley. Many of these women were drawn from the cult at Oberlin. Once launched as a nationwide movement, WCTU founded a national headquarters in Evanston, Illinois. The extreme radical version of the temperance movement tended to be from Oberlin.

The Boston Movement (revivalism), evolved from the teachings of the father of religious brain washing: American evangelist and professor of theology at Oberlin College, E. Grandison Finney (1792-1875). Finney discovered, after a period of experimentation, that if normal brain function is disturbed through a strategy of tension and trauma, then fear, anger, shock or emotion and heightened suggestibility that impaired judgment would occur. This facilitates the implanting of a new belief structure – right out of the Tavistock method.

The Tavistock Method of Brainwashing and Social Psychiatry

Finney began to deliver sermons replete with copious amounts of fire and brimstone and spoken in a loud, emotion-filled voice. Other pastors adopted Finney’s evangelical method, which carried through to rantings and ravings of the television evangelists.

Post-Modern Brainwashing at Oberlin

Oberlin College at $50,000-a-year tuition has morphed into a post-modern cult of microaggressions. Presumably, virtually every student comes from a liberal and well-off background, yet the college site has this “running herd” advisory: “If you see or hear racist, heterosexist/homophobic, anti-Semitic, classist, ableist, sexist/cissexist speech, etc., please submit it to us so that we may demonstrate that these acts are not simply isolated incidents, but rather part of structural inequalities.”

In 2013, the nutwings at Oberlin cancelled an entire day’s classes after someone was spotted in KKK garb. This was done to make a “strong statement about the values we cherish.” A comprehensive report published  by the local paper, the Chronicle-Telegram, traced the early-morning sighting to someone wearing a blanket: “Oberlin police Lt. Mike McCloskey said that authorities did find a pedestrian wrapped in a blanket. He said police interviewed another witness later in the day and that person also saw a female walking with a blanket.”

When not flipping out over emotional cartoon-world fantasies and threats, Oberlin tries hard to be counterculture; but once again, ends up just being annoying. One manifestation of this is the popularity of nude streaking during special events. The annual Safer Sex Night and Drag Ball is the big social event on campus. Fifty-thousand dollar a year tuition? You can’t make this up. This is typical of the interactions on campus.

According to a document leaked to The Oberlin Review, the school’s student newspaper, the small liberal arts college famous for social justice hoaxes has had trouble attracting and retaining students, missing this year’s enrollment mark by 80 and racking up a $5 million budget deficit in the process.

William A. Jacobson, a professor at Cornell Law School who runs the Legal Insurrection blog, said the “most obvious culprit” in Oberlin’s dwindling admissions is “relentless social justice warfare.”

“Social justice warfare at Oberlin has been more intense and sustained over a longer period of time than at most schools, and has come to define Oberlin in the media,” Mr. Jacobson said. “The resulting mockery and derision, even in liberal publications, has damaged the Oberlin brand.”

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  1. Once again – illusion wreckers! Oberlin was long a name mentioned with reverence in my circles; principally due to their world class music school (wonder how well they have resisted the craziness?) and the heritage of being anti-slavery first movers in the 19C, etc. Antioch College (now defunct) is likely a close cousin institution in that regard.

    Very interesting how the history of prohibition as a progressive movement has been entirely obscured in the last 50 years – thousands died as the US Gov poisoned home distilled spirits with wood alcohol … and now, I have met 20-somethings who are totally unaware that there even was a period of prohibition in the US.

    I had not heard of Rev Finney – could be material for a very interesting parallel lives treatment with RW Emerson whose years are about the same.

    I would guess your 50K per year tuition figure is likely out-dated – 60k+ would not surprise me.

    Finally, here is a recent piece on the plight of higher ed and its frightening future.

    Author reports Fall 2020 freshmen class size at many US colleges and universities was down by as much as 30% over just a year earlier – those are apocalyptic numbers!

  2. Not eat Mexican food? Seriously? I live in far west Texas, where eating Mexican food (which I love, BTW) is almost “mandatory” (Bwahahahahahahahahah) and if I ever refused to make a load of enchiladas for the monthly church dinner (usually in fall) the church goers would have a conniption over it! That’s one thing I love about Hispanics out here: they mostly believe Anglos and Hispanics are created equal (yes there are a few Hispanics crying wolf out here, but I wouldn’t call them Aztlans or LULACS, not yet anyway).

    And who came up with this “cultural appropriation” crapola in the first place?

    So black Jimi Hendrix couldn’t play rock music? So white Eminem couldn’t do rap music? So a woman can’t do plumbing? So a man can’t sew? So an Asian can’t sing opera? So an African can’t play at a Philharmonic? So a white Aussie can’t play a didguridu (spelling?)? So a white Christian missionary can’t learn to click-speak to evangelize Bushmen? I could go on and on…

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