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How Partisan Politics Rots Your Brain


By David D’Amato | 12 March 2021

THE LIBERTARIAN INSTITUTE — Recent research using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) techniques is allowing us to peer into the connections, yet shrouded in mystery, between local brain activity, cognitive processes, and partisan attachment. This developing body of knowledge has revealed the profound importance of evolution in shaping the ways in which our brains process all kinds of information, in particular political information. At the center of this evolutionary journey is the importance of groups—of being initiated and accepted into them, of aligning ourselves with them, of being loyal to them regardless of philosophical considerations. The social dynamics of group membership and participation are programmed more deeply into our brains than is abstract philosophizing. “In other words, people will go along with the group, even if the ideas oppose their own ideologies—belonging may have more value than facts.” Because we once moved from place to place as nomads, such groups are our homes even more than any physical locations are. […]

4 Comments on How Partisan Politics Rots Your Brain

    • From the link: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, joined by two state legislators, launched an attack against the free speech social media platform Gab on Wednesday, promoting legislation that reportedly “fights antisemitism” in the Lone Star State.

      Of course some people whose accounts were ‘suspended’ (sort of an Orwellian term since they are gone forever and you’ll need a new/different phone number or email address to open another Twitter account) by Twitter for talking about Jews have moved to Gab.

      DeSantis of FL signed a similar sounding law in 2019 (link).

      People should note how apparently even the most ‘anti-woke’ gentile politicians still show marked obeisance to Jews and Jewish interests, even if it means seemingly infringing on the First Amendment — if you’re wondering why this is, it’s as simple/crude as this: ‘anti-Semitism’ (and ‘hate’ generally, but ‘anti-Semitism’ is the foremost concern of Jews) has to be stopped no matter what before it leads inevitably to the next ‘Holocaust’.

      • You should read today’s post on It addresses your very concern. It’s all a ruse, but when dealing with Luciferians they are all in so it’s difficult to beat them back. Christians were the best hope but Dispensationalism is a watered down version of the true faith. It was interestingly financed by Zionists at the turn of the 20th century. They will lose in the end. On the last day… john chapter 6 verses 39,40,44 and 54. Cheers

      • And politics should be partisan; it should give people a choice between clearly different alternatives — I don’t think that’s going to ‘rot’ anyone’s brain — far worse is the uniparty totalitarianism that afflicts most western countries today, where there is no/not enough meaningful difference between alternatives, e.g. ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’.

        In the US, since the turn of the century a Republican has been president for 12 years, a Democrat for 8 — yet here we are.

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