Lugenpresse and their Stooges Produce New ‘Dying at Home’ Cronyvirus Narrative

When citizen reports and then hard data began emerging last week indicating that Covid-19 patients were not in any way overwhelming hospitals, we wondered what sort of new bunkum the Lugenpresse and the cronyvirus promoters would concoct to support their false narratives.

As I reported on Monday, the number of ventilators utilized missed the projection by a factor of 40-fold. The ICU segment of the Covid-19 fraud was overblown by six-fold. Total beds by eight-fold. Meanwhile, the number of deaths from pneumonia this season have plummeted across the U.S.

Read “Data Does Not Support Claims of COVID-19 Hospital Crises”

I shared this data on Twitter, and it didn’t take long before a candidate for Congress one Richard Thripp responded with a tweet. Among the trippy quips Thripp lobbed, he some how evoked holocaust denial into the debate. Oh well, that settles it then, Sherlock – trumps actual data every time. This man sounds well suited and booted for the kakistocracy. Incidentally and just sayin’, I’m far too much of an anti-authoritarian and pacifist to be a proper right-winger. So you talkin’ to me?

However, attached to his ad-hominem, sucker-born-every-minute declarative was the go-to source for all stooges and sycophants: The New York Times (aka New York Slimes).  And here we got the answer to our question about the newly revised, cover-their-ass narrative. First my reply, and then a look at the article. Yes, would you believe it. The cronyvirus ill are assumed to be dying at home.

The New York Slimes lends a whole new meaning to Abraham Lincoln’s admonishment that no man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar. This is what a candidate for Congress thinks will dispense with the plebs. Barking up the wrong tree. Here goes.

After warning earlier of a tsunami, The Slimes’ story fesses up to an entirely different outcome pointing to no hospital tsunami after all:

The number of virus patients in hospitals increased 4 percent since Monday, the fourth straight day that it had grown 7 percent or less after growing at least 20 percent a day for weeks. The number of patients on ventilators in intensive-care units increased, too, but at the smallest one-day rate in weeks, up 2 percent since Monday.

The Slimes fesses up again:

As of Tuesday, there were nearly 4,600 patients on ventilators in New York, far fewer than pessimistic projections in recent weeks had said there might be. In New Jersey, state officials said that about 1,651 people were in what they called “critical care” on Tuesday, up from about 1,500 patients on Monday. More than 90 percent of the patients in critical care, about 1,540, were on ventilators.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Even with the downgrade, these two states are 53% higher (6,140) than totals revealed in national data released by CovidTracker, which indicated 4,007 ventilators were in use nationally on April 7. The dots don’t connect- no combinam.

Next, we learn that in New York City, the leader of the city council’s health committee, Mark Levine, wrote on Twitter that people were dying at home at about 10 times the normal rate, presumably in large part because of the virus, but that many deaths were not being counted as virus deaths.

The story gets even more convoluted: According to the news site Gothamist, the city medical examiner’s office has not been testing dead bodies for the virus and has instead referred what it considers “probable” virus deaths to the city’s health department.

In a statement, Stephanie Buhle, a spokeswoman for New York City’s Health Department, said the city would no longer report only those cases that were confirmed by a laboratory test.

“The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) and the NYC Health Department are working together to include into their reports deaths that may be linked to COVID but not lab confirmed that occur at home,” she said.

Asked on Tuesday about an increase in people dying at home, Mayor de Blasio said (based on no data or diagnosis), “I’m assuming the vast majority of those deaths are coronavirus related.”

Then he said, “We do want to know the truth about what happened in every death at home.” 

Yes, Mr. Mayor, we believe the last statement approximates the real truth. You can’t make this up.

As we reported earlier, the Covid-19 deaths and cases are greatly inflated by assumptions and little science, turning this into a monumental reporting fraud. For all practical purposes, The New York Slimes article admits to it, but few pay attention and instead buy a cartoon world scenario: not busy hospitals, but dead bodies piling up all over town. Really?

The CDC itself in an advisory (see last paragraph) accommodated systematic fraud and recommended using assumption to determine cause of death.

“The underlying cause depends upon what and where conditions are reported on the death certificate. However, the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID- 19 being the underlying cause more often than not,” the guidelines read.

“COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.”

Elsewhere on their obfuscation front, the promoters have backpedaled from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (funded by Bill Gates) scam that predicted up to 200,000 Americans would die from cronyvirus. The IHME — the official group Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have been promoting — cut the scamdemic prediction to 81,000 American deaths (from lord knows what) by May 21, 2020. Important to note: the models were based on full shut in compliance in the first place. Based on these fallacious projections, the U.S. economy has been largely crippled by lock downs that have put tens of millions out of work.

April 9 update: Fraudci now calling for 60,000 deaths from cronyvirus.  Still lying.

26 Comments on Lugenpresse and their Stooges Produce New ‘Dying at Home’ Cronyvirus Narrative

  1. Bacchus’ Son’s takeaway- fuck new york, and all the places like it, and the horses they rode in on! They can’t be trusted since they changed their name from new Amsterdam anyways…It’s a (north american continent) extension of the city of london, and I’m not talking about the English! Reference the leader of NYC’s (((health committee))), Mark Levin (((of course)))…

  2. A record number of 219 CEOs stepped down in January. CEOs of Mastercard, Linkedin, T-Mobile, IBM, Harley-Davidson, Credit Suisse, Salesforce, UPS, Match Group (owns okcupid, Tinder etc), Microsoft, Disney all left shortly before this crisis started exploding. They all fucking knew.

    New York hospitals are EMPTY and the number tested positive is fake like three dollar Bill. The New York city is control by the kosher satanic tribe, they can hike the numbers to millions and most people will believe this crap.Even death rats are count as CV19 deaths.

  3. No point in looking for any truth from the MSM. They are the savants of the elite and every word that they utter is a lie including the ands and the thes. Dr. Samuel Johnson in the 18th century, a rationalist but honest man, coined the adage “He who pleases to write must write to please”.

  4. We need a Project Veritas video right about now inside one of these fake hospitals or of someone getting their marching orders to drive up the fake panic. Come on James OKeefe, now more than ever.

  5. This pandemic exercise is part of a much larger plan assumed as inevitable by the richest 3000 dudes on Earth. It appears that Friedman’s Randian wet dream for a Chinese slave labor plantation complete with a total lack of environmental regulation circa 1979 may have just been vaporized.

    Here is a video from Bill Clinton’s 1999 WTO address in Seattle, site of the last serious protest in US history. Somehow I have to think that WTO and WTC are not just similar acronyms. What puzzles me is whether they knew China was a milk cow with a 20 year shelf life before hamburger, or they suddenly had an OS this ain’t working moment. Based on the enormous wealth transfer occurring over the last 20 years, I’m leaning towards the former.

    Debate on the urgency or cause of global warming has been rendered sterile, because the controllers have signaled that we’ve entered a new paradigm. Russ Winter is quite correct in his prediction of Trump being a red queen Trojan horse sent down to execute any notions of nationalism. Globo homo cares not one whit about US living standards. The following video is over 5 years old and predicted the demise of US oil almost to the day. (26 minute mark). Remember when XOM had the largest market cap of any US corporation?

  6. Forgive the spam if this video has already been posted on WW, but I do think it’s required viewing for anyone interested in how they’ve been cooking the books (~20 minutes):

    • Excellent contribution thank you. (Way too “over-produced” – the music, the moving text, but I guess that’s the style.)

      I almost stopped at the first appearance of The Map – the tiny circles in Africa vs the lurid red on the entire US East Coast – but I watched the whole thing – glad I did!

      Love those Mexicans! That is, as I have commented a few time here, exactly what I am seeing in my affluent east coast suburban town: they are laughing, smiling, holding hands, working hard during the week – the contrast between the grim, masked, social distancing anglos and our resident Mexican underclass is absolutely astonishing. Talk about separate realities!

      • Prefer Blue Oyster Cult’s version. But anyway, was in a local town the other day in far west Texas where (except El Paso) there are no corona virus cases (test positive,that is) and few wearing masks or bandanas whatever…about the only mask wearers were Anglos, none Hispanic. And not much social distancing either, the places I was in….then go to the town closest to me…no masks, no distancing. It’ll be interesting to see how the effect of no Easter services drives this mostly Christian area…esp. the Catholics (which missing Easter Mass is considered a MORTAL SIN!)

        • Who cares what Catholics believe, although I’ve never heard that. I was raised catholic for the first 12 years of my life… until the obese glutton pig of a priest wrote my parents nasty letters saying that we didn’t give enough.. all of my family was so happy to drop Sunday school, mass, all of it. Anyways that’s my catholic experience, and after some research into the church itself, I’m confident that my parents were right to leave it… My point is this: If someone is worried about the grave sin of missing easter mass, yet finances their own demise through usury every day, they and their concerns are largely inconsequential. I say this because if you’re a catholic and don’t know what happened at Vatican II, you don’t know that usury was once considered a mortal sin by the church, and thus you’re simple a catholic pajama person.

  7. Thank you again Mr Winter and winterwatch crew.

    NYTimes print headline, Thur Apr 9: “Dramatic Changes in Behavior Produce Flickers of Optimism” – translated message to deep state? – “We have won guys, time to start dialing back?”

    More brutalized shopping in Corporate USA: EVERYone – staff and customers – in gloves and masks; (except me) – I got at least one angry glare.

    The “Die at Home” concept is, I think, a positive one. There has been a recent move in many states to transition “Hospice Care” from the institutions to the home; in the correct context, it is far better for the dying and their families who are supported visiting hospice nurses, etc and far more cost efficient. My mother was starving herself to death during her last stint as a hospitalized “patient” but then returned to her home of 57 years for 3 weeks to smile at her children and cat, sip lemonade and watch old movies all in reasonable comfort.

    So that, in part, is why there are so many more people “dying at home” last 5, 10 years – it is an intentional outcome, the statistics are clear. Big Medicine got something right! But now being twisted by lies and vicious agendas.

    In short, they are dying at home because they are terminally ill. There is no question of “respirators” or “ICU” – there never was.

    Again – a generation who grew up with the slogan: never trust anyone over 30 – and virtually NO ONE can see this?! … just that is driving me a little bit crazy at this point!

    • Right there with you RegretL!…
      In this twilight zone, I try to spend as much time as possible outside, and during my long “essential” walks, and on bus – I try to tell as many people as I can that it’s fake! We all need to keep acting up/speaking up, and not go on in silence!!

      • thank you – that helps – my comments on our “Hispanic underclass” are based mostly on what I see on my walks at the local HS running tracks (I go about 5 miles) – and I don’t use the term in a demeaning way; – at this point (based on the video posted here) I say: let em all in ! – let the anglos cower in their homes with their cats (1.2 designer kids occasionally) – let the Mexicans fill up our parks, and schools, and churches and workplaces – the Amazon prime drivers can deliver the anglos their food and anti-depressant meds.

        I may have gotten the generational finger pointing started – didn’t mean to – it is a crude analytic concept at best, The group I am looking at – the voluntary house arrest group are about 40-65 yr olds … that’s about 3 generations there.

        I am rather a “silent” sort – but it sure was fun “acting up” yesterday: being the ONLY person in that mega-grocery store without gloves or mask! It was SO spooky!

        Luis and his landscaping crew just rolled into my workplace!

  8. Here’s the scary part — I believe this whole CV19 lockdown is just preparation, not the actual scenario.

    Empty tents go up outside every hospital — why? The Comfort & the Mercy naval hospital ships are moved into position offshore at NYC & LA — why? The National Guard is called out in every state and military equipment is rolled into place, remaining on standby — why?

    Every informed person now knows the C19 plandemic is a hoax, but TBTB (including and especially Trump) don’t seem to care that we know, their propaganda proceeds in spite of its pathetic delusions.

    So when’s the other shoe gonna drop, and just how brutal will it be? Biometric tattoos or RFID vaccine microchips in order to buy groceries or get hired? Travel permits to cross state lines? Sarah Palin’s Death Panels for anybody over 65? One thing for sure, now that (((they))) know they can pull it off, it’s likely to be an annual event.

    We’re gonna look back on April 2020 as the good ol’ days, probably sooner rather than later.

    • Exactly! Absolute certainty: when this is “over” it will not be over.

      But there is a gamut, a range: You suggest “RFID vaccine chips” I expect that almost all human cashiers in the mega grocery stores will never be seen again. Job losses, profit enhancement.

      Same with “empty tents outside every hospital” – is that for when they turn up 5G or pure theater with lots of overtime pay for big med staff and LEOs

      But seriously, “every informed person now knows…” – you must travel in different circles; by that criterion the only “informed persons” that I know are the dozen or so people I “meet” here. I work with 50 or so very intelligent, highly educated people and virtually all of them have voluntarily consented to house arrest for three weeks with no end in sight.

      Highway signs become more insistent by the day: “avoid non-essential travel” -to- “STAY HOME – DO NOT TRAVEL” … something is up.

      I am done. Thank you. Good Luck

  9. “I hope they and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their heads later.”

    Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver.

  10. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, written in 1841 by Charles Mackay, is mighty apropos for this situation… The herd is getting a bit agitated… essentially over the common cold. If you can look into the eyes of these people (cuomo, fauci, trump etc) and not have a visceral gut reaction that they’re a bunch of filth liars, I reckon you got some amazing kind of blinders on. Fauci said less than 2 weeks ago to expect 200k u.s. deaths, now he’s paring it down to 60k? He’s the one that really gets me. I shake with rage when I see him in his duping delight.

  11. I just find out that “Anthony Fauci” is in Leadership council in Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. What a surprise !!! What a great mind of philanthropists, put their heads together how to save human kinds on Earth. But for open mined people philanthropy, is population control.

  12. April 15, 2019AD: Nortre Dame fire. A year later: Resurrection Day is online only. Woe is us to have gotten to a place that this ‘takeover’ happened so swiftly & easily. As a teenaged boomer, the only people worth trusting were those well over age 30 years. Wouldn’t we know that the geriatric boomers & their progeny made ‘1984’ our current ‘reality’.

  13. April 15, 2019AD: Notre Dame in Paris is on fire. April 12, 2020AD: Resurrection Sunday is online only. How swiftly & easily the ‘takeover’ occurred! Woe to the boomer generation ‘elite’ & their progeny that set up the fluoridated, over fed bovine ‘American’ masses for ‘1984’.

    • its stupid to blame a generation for something they didnt doblame ww2 vets for destroying western union and enabling bosheeck takeover or ww1 vets for enabling continued dominance of great britainn to the detriment of the world

    • You best go back further than “Boomers” if you want to start pointing fingers at people for the worlds problems. The trouble with you smart phone youngsters is you are too lazy to study history. All you can do is point fingers and whine.
      By the way, water fluoridation began in the US on January 25, 1945 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. That would be the “Greatest Generation”.
      I personally fought a 5 year battle with our local water board trying to get fluoride removed. What have you done to fight tyranny young’un?

      • My age is closer to 70 than 50 & trusting my generation’s attitude regarding legitimate institutions in the 60s & 70s was impossible- except for those who fought in Vietnam. Yes- the traditionist society (when roles were clear & christian transcendence empowered most people) has been eroded within 9 generations or so through planned modernity: moral & industrial/techtronic ‘revolution’. The boomers delivered the coup de gras by identifying with the counter culture, making the atrocities we live with today merely a ‘whatever’ world.

        • Like I said, blaming one generation for not saving the world is a cheap cop out. America’s problems and sell-outs started as early as the Revolutionary War. A good book on that subject: The True History Of The American Revolution by Sydney George Fisher(1902).
          America’s founding principles of “States Rights” and individual liberty went completely out the door with Lincoln’s war of northern aggression. The next tremendous blow to our liberties came with the founding of Americas 3rd and current central bank circa 1913.
          Not sure what you are trying to say about Vietnam Vets. All I can say about it was it was just as dirty as any “Police Action” fought by the US. Must read on Vietnam is: The Phoenix Program by Douglas Valentine.
          So spread the blame around where it belongs and quit hating on boomers only. Have a nice day under our latest scam and house arrest.

  14. Great article. Eventually enough people will make noise about the fraud pandemic and the goons will back off. Many jobs will never come back. The big news is that this psy op was so successful. Parks were closed surfers arrested , people riding motorcycles in the desert given $1000 fines. The goon squad now knows how docile we are inspite of having 300 million guns in homes across America. I don’t want Bill Gates and Grouchi’s corona syrum next winter.

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