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COVID Cases Are Spiking In A Dozen States With High Vaccination Rates

By Tyler Durden | 19 March 2021

ZERO HEDGE — As Europe struggles with a “third wave” of COVID infections that’s forcing more governments to reimpose at least some lockdown measures, the US is finding that the number of newly confirmed cases is climbing again, with some of the biggest week-over-week increases seen in states that had been praised for their vaccination diligence.

Source: Axios

The US is adding roughly 55K new cases per day, a level that it has plateaued over the past months (though deaths have continued to move lower). Yesterday, health authorities counted 56.9K new case, and 1,052 deaths.

COVID cases are spiking in 13 states over the past week. The rebound in new cases in states like Michigan (which is leading the country over the past week with a 53% spike in new cases) Nevada, Maryland and Connecticut are raising concerns about whether new variants discovered in New York State, along with other variants like the Kent Strain (B117) and other international strains. […]

3 Comments on COVID Cases Are Spiking In A Dozen States With High Vaccination Rates

  1. >cases

    I think they mean more positive tests; this is essentially what a ‘case’ is — how many of these “cases”, i.e. people who’ve tested positive, are sick/showing any flu-like symptoms? — of course the increase in “cases” is in part due to lots of testing, as well as almost certainly many false positives — the problems with the PCR ‘test’ are well known (PCR is a procedure/process, not a test; the question is what do they look for after running PCR on the sample 20x, 30x, 40x or however many cycles they run, as well as the specificity/accuracy of this analysis) — Elon Musk famously tweeted that when he took an antibody test (i.e. not PCR) 4x on the same day, same test administered by the same (presumably competent) nurse, the result was 2x positive, 2x negative — but all of this makes no difference because there is now enough political momentum behind this COVID tyranny that this kind of argument is not going to derail it.

    A specific example of this testing farce from the recent BWF All England badminton event:

    March 17 — DELAYED START AT YONEX ALL ENGLAND DUE TO COVID-19 RETESTSThe Badminton World Federation (BWF) and Badminton England can confirm that a significant number of COVID-19 tests conducted for participating teams at the YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships 2021 were deemed ‘inconclusive’ and as a result, the samples will be rerun. … BWF can also confirm that a small number of positive tests were recorded, …


    So three days after a bunch of “inconclusive” results (whatever that specifically means) plus some (clearly false) positives, everyone tested negative and the tournament could start.

    After one year of COVID testing is still chaotic and inaccurate — but it makes no difference.

    • >testing is still chaotic and inaccurate

      Gymnasium Altdorf: 28 von 29 Schnelltests falsch-positiv

      They tested 180 kids at an academic HS near Nürnberg/DE for COVID using a new/quick antibody test, and 29 were positive — they retested all the positive results (why? — probably because no one was symptomatic) via PCR and 28 were negative — so 28/29 false positive antibody tests (if you can take any of this seriously).

      On Monday morning I saw them setting up a tent outside a pharmacy — the sign said you could get a free quick COVID test — they will expand/promote these antibody tests and the number of “cases” will remain high — they may even call it a new “wave”.

  2. PCR test inserts nano tech in your nose so spit in a cup if necessary but don’t allow things to be put up your nose

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