The Top 10 Most Evil People in 2020

By Chuck Baldwin | 11 February 2021

RENSE — Choosing the top ten most evil people in 2020 is an almost impossible task, because the list of candidates is almost endless.

The. criteria for the list below are based on several key factors:

  1. The scope of their evil influence, which is largely determined by virtue of the positions they occupy. A more powerful office lends itself to much greater calamity from their evil decisions.

  2. The continuation of their wickedness over a period of time. While even good, well-intentioned people can make mistakes that lead to dire consequences, the people on this list have a track record of perpetual evil.

  3. The evil itself. As our Lord said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:20 KJV)

And here is the Apostle Paul’s indictment:

Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips: Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: Their feet are swift to shed blood: Destruction and misery are in their ways: And the way of peace have they not known: There is no fear of God before their eyes. (Romans 3:13 – 18 KJV)

The evil practices that placed the following people on this list are weighed on the above scale, along with the depth and breadth of their evil machinations.

Okay. Here we go … […]

2 Comments on The Top 10 Most Evil People in 2020

  1. Last I heard Trump withheld funds from PP. Please explain how he gave more taxpayer funds to PP than did obama.
    I pretty much agree with most of the article except that Soleimani was not a head of state of Iran, but a general. Not to say he wasn’t important, but he was not a head of state.
    I also question the the msm/White House position that he was a terrorist. When he was killed, he was acting as a go-between Iran in response letter that Iraq had sent out on behalf of Saudi Arabia in order to ease tensions between the two countries in the region. No proof except allegations–which at this point are just that.
    Trump stood by and let the Q lies happen. He never tried to put a stop to them. While he didn’t really incite the violence, neither is he totally innocent.
    I would like a great reset, but not the kind schwab/gates/fauci et al. have in mind.
    Like how about people not lie and call it “winning?”

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