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The Occult Meaning of The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Performance

Why is The Weeknd constantly wearing the same outfit? And what’s up with the guys with bandaged faces? Here’s a look at the occult meaning of The Weeknd’s enigmatic Super Bowl performance.

9 February 2021

VIGILANTE CITIZEN — The Super Bowl is, at its core, a sporting event. However, judging by media reactions, lots of people were less interested in the actual football game and more interested in playing COVID police. The result: Twitter geniuses complained about the lack of social distancing in the crowd while not realizing that most “fans” were actually cardboard cutouts. Other individuals obsessed about the mask-wearing practices of people in the stadium and took the time to shame them on social media. “Did he just remove his mask to take a sip of beer? Unacceptable. Drink through your mask like the rest of us, buddy!”

With all of these joyless people actively looking for ways to be offended by a football game, The Weeknd was in charge of lightening the mood with some good old fashioned singing and dancing. And for about 14 minutes, instead of moaning about some player on the sidelines wearing his mask under his nose, people gazed at the red-clad The Weeknd and wondered things such as “What is the meaning of the bandages?”

In that sense, The Weeknd accomplished his job as an entertainer: To get people to forget about their immediate problems by drawing them into his artistic universe. However, when one understands the meaning of this universe, one is reminded of another major problem: The entertainment industry is a toxic cesspool of satanic psychopaths. Am I exaggerating, here? No.

In fact, the entire narrative surrounding The Weeknd points to this very fact. […]

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