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3 Million Texans Without Power as Grid Chaos Continues Ahead of Imminent Ice Storm

By Tyler Durden | 16 February 2021

ZERO HEDGE — Here are the key takeaways from rolling blackouts in Texas:

  • Oncor Electric Delivery Warns Of Additional Outages
  • Fuel Shortages Develop In Western Half Of Texas
  • Power Prices Jump In Austin As Evening Sets In
  • Gov. Greg Abbott Calls For ERCOT Leadership To Resign
  • CenterPoint Energy Warns Power Shortages Could Last “Several Days”
  • Power Grid Crisis Spreads To Mexico
  • 15 States Have Power Outages Due To Extreme Weather
  • Gov. Greg Abbott Requests LNG Exporter Freeport To Limit Gas Intake
  • Gov. Greg Abbott Declares ERCOT Reform
  • 4.423 million Customers In Texas Without Power
  • Bloomberg’s Javier Blas Warns “Blackouts Have Spread Again”
  • General Motors Idles Arlington Assembly Factory
  • Oncor Electric Delivery Warns Of “Controlled Outages” Across State
  • Temperatures In Tyler, Texas -3F On Tuesday Morning
  • ERCOT Hopes To Restore Power With More Generators Returning To Grid
  • The Southwest Power Pool Said Blackouts To Continue For The Second Day
  • Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo Tweets Weather-Related Death
  • Refinitiv Data Shows Arctic Air To Remain In Texas Until End Of Week
  • ERCOT Wholesale Electricity Prices Topped $9k Per Megawatt-Hour Overnight
  • Rolling Blackouts Morph Into Down Celular Networks
  • Texas Prepares For Second Winter Storm

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Update (2149ET): Oncor Electric Delivery, Texas’ largest transmission and electric distribution utility, warns customers to “be prepared for additional outages and stay weather aware due to an active Winter Storm Warning.”

People are freezing in their own homes.

Update (2139 ET): The cold snap in Texas has forced the shutdown of “refineries, oil wells, and meat plants, disrupted shipments of soybeans and corn, and is still leaving more than 3 million customers without electricity could continue to keep parts of Texas in the dark for several days,” according to Bloomberg.

With more than 3 million customers without power, there is no way ERCOT will restore power tonight. It could be a couple of days before full power is restored.

Bloomberg also said fuel storages are developing in the western half of the state. […]

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  1. CNP says 98% of customers back online (houston area). Second cold snap coming tonight and friday. Low of 20 in Houston, snow in San Antonio, others. People in Dallas didn’t have power for 48+ hours during the worst of it. Every fast food chain with running water, gas or electricity is open and has a line 40 deep of people finding what food they can. We are digging into our food reserves and cooking whatever we have. HEB is back open but many shelves are bare.

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