Germany to put people in detention centers for violating quarantine rules

By Michael Lee | 18 January 2021

WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Germans who run afoul of quarantine rules will be held in detention centers in fenced-off areas of refugee camps under police guard.

In the state of Saxony, people who repeatedly violate the state’s rule to quarantine after a COVID-19 exposure will be moved to a fenced-off section of a refugee camp. The state of Brandenburg plans to use a similar approach.

In Schleswig-Holstein, repeat offenders could spend time in a juvenile detention center, while Baden-Wurttemberg has set up two hospitals to detain offenders under police guard.

State governments in Germany have the authority to detain people under the Disease Protection Act, which was passed by the German Bundestag in March and renewed in November, according to legal experts. […]

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  1. I think people should start getting use to the idea of the Capitol grounds being permanently occupied by the police, military, et al; with a permanent fortress-like barricade surrounding a certain demarcated region of D.C. with regular check points, searches, and required permission to enter. A fortified Zionist-occupied Green Zone with the excuse of keeping the government ‘safe’ from the on-going and increasing threats of ‘domestic terrorism’ since the false-flag Capitol ‘insurgency.’

    And do not be surprised if similar measures are implemented at the state level in order to secure and control state governments and maintain and strengthen their totalitarian tyranny that is now rapidly transitioning from a ‘soft’ to a ‘hard’ degree of enforcement. Over a dozen states have called out their own National Guard troops for tomorrows hollow inauguration and New Mexico and Maryland have specifically called for a ‘state of emergency’ due to ‘credible threats’ from the FBI which also stated that they are tracking an ‘extensive amount of concerning online chatter.’ Child please!

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