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The Speed Freak Killers’ 15-Year Reign of Terror

The 'Speed Freak Killers' Loren Herzog (L) and Wesley Shermantine (R). PHOTO: Daily Motion

Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog define the concept of dark-triad serial killers. Both born in 1966, grew up as childhood friends in the rural town of Linden in California’s central valley.

The duo fed their evil with methamphetamine. Herzog was the lower I.Q. flying monkey of the two in their murder sprees between 1984 and 1999. The two were notorious rapists, sodomizers, bullies and “bad ass” troublemakers in their community. They “got away with murder” early on in life, which, combined with meth, only exacerbated their feeling of God-like invincibility. They were habitual liars of the black magik mold. They went on to killing with impunity during the next 15 years.

Other serial killers with flying-monkey sidekicks:

Herzog and Shermantine

Numerous witnesses testified that they had been brutalized by Shermantine. Five different women testified he had violently raped or sodomized them, including a baby sitter who said she had been attacked when she stopped by to collect money he owed her. The sister of Shermantine later revealed she was raped by the two.

One woman said he had rear-ended her car, then kidnapped her at knifepoint when she pulled off the road to exchange insurance information. She jumped from his car while it was moving and managed to get away.

Shermantine’s estranged wife described how he had brutally beaten her for years, hitting her while she was pregnant and while she was holding their children in her lap.

The killers randomly targeted Howard King and Paul Cavanaugh – each were shotgunned in their car in 1984.

Shermantine was convicted in the deaths of 16-year-old Chevelle “Chevy” Wheeler, who disappeared in 1985 while skipping school at Franklin High School. Shermantine was suspected in Wheeler’s death for over a decade, but was not arrested until 1999, when DNA tests revealed blood found in his hunting cabin was hers.

Herzog described to police a time when Shermantine shot a hunter that they ran into while they were on vacation in Utah in 1994. Utah police confirmed that a hunter was shot to death, but his murder was still classified as unsolved.

Herzog also said Shermantine was responsible for killing Henry Howell, who was found parked off the road on Highway 88 in Alpine County with his teeth and head bashed in. Herzog said he and Shermantine passed Howell parked on the highway and Shermantine stopped, grabbed Howell’s shotgun, killed him, and stole what little money he had.

Additionally, Herzog gave specific details about how Shermantine killed Robin Armtrout.

Here is the police interrogation of the dimwitted, drug-addled Loren Herzog. Obviously, the light bulb is turned off, leading one to wonder exactly how this duo got away with their crimes for 15 years. He must have followed the lead of his master Shermantine (or others?) to a tee.

Incredibly, Herzog was released on parole in 2010 and allowed to stay in a trailer near the gates of a state prison. Flying monkey Herzog’s absurd claim was that he was a mere witness to Shermantine’s reign of terror.

Herzog hanged himself on Jan. 16, 2012, just hours after being informed that Shermantine was being paid $33,000 to pinpoint grave sites.

Tattoos of skulls, flames, satanic imagery and vulgarity covered the body of serial killer Loren Herzog. “Made and Fueled by Hate and Restrained by Reality” read a black tattoo that ran down Herzog’s left leg, knee and foot. Ink on his right foot read, “The Devil Made Me Do It.”

“There is a black tattoo representing two revolvers on the right and left aspects of the abdomen,” a report states. A German phrase on his left foot translates to “Trail (or wake) of the Devastation.” The report states that a complex, black and green tattoo covering Herzog’s arms depicts flames, the grim reaper, skulls, webs, skeletons, a panther and Satan.

The identity of remains recovered in a well were announced to the public on March 30, 2012. They were those of two Stockton, California teens missing since the mid-1980s: Kimberly Ann Billy, 19, who disappeared Dec. 11, 1984, and Joann Hobson, 16, who disappeared Aug. 29, 1985. The remains of an additional victim and fetus were found in the well, that of a very pregnant prostitute who was stabbed and then shot to death.

Two separate burial sites in Calaveras County, California, were also investigated in February 2012 based on a letter Shermantine wrote to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla that detailed possible locations of victims. Shermantine indicated sites nearby property formerly owned by Shermantine’s parents. Bodies from these two sites were recovered and identified as those of 1985 victim Chevelle “Chevy” Wheeler and last known victim Cyndi Vanderheiden.

The duo are believed to be responsible for dozens of unsolved murders and disappearances, often throwing dead victims down deep wells and mine shafts around San Joaquin County, making discovery and retrieval difficult, if not impossible.

Wesley Shermantine provided an extensive 4-foot map of their body disposal sites in the environs around Linden.

Shermantine once reportedly bragged that he had killed 24 people. Over the years, he told relatives and acquaintances he had “made people disappear”. This is similar to the M.O. of Israel Keyes.

Read “Vicious Serial Killer Israel Keyes and the Insane Clown Posse”

Wesley Shermantine’s “art” offering from San Quentin prison.

Dr. Alex Stalcup, who was interviewed about the duo, said their shared, violent acts became even more brutal on meth.

“If you look at meth murders, they didn’t just stab ‘em once. They stab them 50 times,” he said.

Read “Methamphetamine: A Growing Demonic Plague”

Ultimately, Shermantine drew maps that were turned over to law enforcement officials who have so far searched three sites, including an old well identified on the map as “Herzog’s Bone Yard.” It has yielded more than 1,000 bones, plus clothing, beer bottles, a purse, shoes, car parts and a woman’s ring. Four victims were identified, but the rest have been evasive.

Shermantine has suggested these sites could contain more than a dozen additional bodies.

After this period of cooperation, Shermantine went silent. He claimed he wasn’t paid for his earlier revelations.

In a letter from death row to a CBS News affiliate in Sacramento, he stated that there was a third killer who operated with his flying monkey Loren Herzog. This ring committed more than 70 murders, according to Shermantine.

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  1. What’s interesting is Shermantine being offered $33.000, that is a masonic tell right there, and means there was more to this than meets the eye as usual? Dave McGowan went in to this type of serial killing which involved intelligence agencies and other nefarious groups in his amazing book “programed to kill” .

    • Beat me to it! This is a huge tell that this maybe a CIA psyop intended to train the sheeple to fear freedom and the great outdoors. Sure as hell worked – when I was a kid in the 60’s and early 70’s we had total freedom to roam and did so, as far from home as 2 hours walking or on bike could take a 10 year old. Never preyed upon by perverts, in fact not so much as a whisper. We would have gouged their eyes and kicked ’em in the nuts anyway!

      • Yes friend the same with me, I grew up in the 1960s in Coventry UK and my childhood was amazing, we use to ride our bikes all over the Midlands of England with no problems whatsoever, so the fear has always been manufactured by disgusting degenerates! Take care!

          • Yes C&A wow that brought back memories for me, the precinct was my haunt on a Saturday afternoon climbing up the old cathedral spire steps and then the Wimpy bar for knickerbocker glory! 🙂

            • I grew up in 60’s Coventry too, tracker bikes down to the spinney to jump off stuff, climbing trees etc. There was very heavy drinking back then but the etiquette was you stayed in control of yourself. you could argue that football violence was formal release of aggression back then. It was basically arranged fighting rather than bullying and ambushes, although that did happen too.

              Fast forward to today and we have an opioid, meth and very strong weed culture that is out of control and the result of decades of screen watching, (fear and paranoia instilled at every turn), nanny state scolding and soulless urban sprawl replacing exploring outdoors and general self discovery and expression.

              I wonder what it will take to wean people back off all this poison?

              • Three of us on here from and around Coventry on Russ Winters web site, it’s a small world for sure. I grew up in the Walsgrave area beside the main hospital where some vaccine pys-op shenanigans took place last week, but now live in Co Louth Ireland. Yes those football match fights around Highfield Rd with the skin heads use to be interesting to say the least, not my cupa tea but there ya go. Smoking No6 gigs was about the naughtiest i got up to. There was no hard drugs that I can remember, in the summers mum would put us out of the house in the morning with pocket money for fish & chips and say don’t come back till evening, it was bloody great!! Ah well take care!

        • Jim Corbett was a famous English hunter and writer who grew up in northern India during the19th century. Starting from the age of eight, he would wander the jungles behind his parents house, alone and unafraid.
          Later in life, Corbett would hunt down the man-eating tigers that terrorized the villagers who lived in the remote mountains. He later wrote about his incredible experiences in “Maneaters of Kumaon” and other books, all of which are very fine reading. Indias first national park was named Corbett National Park in his honor.

          • Yes what an amazing guy! Can you imagine that today?? Men have been purposely neutered by feminism and the so called toxic masculinity crowd who in turn were created by the Masons/Zio and Rockefeller’s to destroy everything that once kept Society glued together…All very depressing! Take care.

  2. They hardly need to create psychos in labs and hospitals these days. TV, video games, movies, will always grab a small segment of our already sick society. Rudderless, clueless individuals emulating the anti-heroes presented to them via this “entertainment.” Early on, Alfred Hitchcock over ten years of shows, presented a myriad of ways to kill and dispose of bodies of unwanted spouses, business partners, rich relatives, etc…

  3. I grew up in the 40’s & 50’s in the USA; it was even more so in my youth. As a 5 year old girl, I walked a half a mile alone to catch the school bus; In second grade I rode my bike to and from school. We children played outdoors unsupervised through the year including winter (I lived on Lake Erie). I am almost 80. I not only came from a “different age”, but a different world. That’s why I don’t care about this made up virus; I am told that a “living death” is worth than death itself, and the former is what’s in store for people today if they don’t wake up.

    • Great comment gritzle75. Inspiring. I am a decade and a bit behind you but with a similar perspective and experience. Life was so simple, honest and decent.

      Sacha Stone (although he goes off on tangents into esoteric realms at times) puts it best in describing the psychopaths behind this COVID hoax as …

      “Molochite, Baphomet worshipping, Sabbatean detritus – the unensouled”

      (Please do look up Sabbatai Zevi if not familiar.)

      Keep on inspiring the younger generations in your own way and do not forfeit your humanity or your soul – as so many others are doing.

      PS … ‘Experts’ have declared that there is insufficient evidence that the common cold ever existed.

      • I am well aware that the same “Evil” existed back then, but “it” was well hidden from us “normies” at that time in history because it was not time for it to manifest; so my “age” was no more “pristine” than the current age; it’s just the Evil is “in my face” while it was not so apparent in my youth. That at least gives me a “perspective” that many younger people perhaps don’t have; they take this as the “status quo”. I continue to go “OMG”! I mean I used to believe the “God, motherhood and apple pie” myth just like everyone else.

        • To Gritzle75:
          Thank you for stating that the ‘filth, lies & murder industrial complex’ (my term for evil) was in full swing in the 1930s & ‘40s – just not in view yet because the time was not right. The nominal Christian morality was thinning out then & mere stubble by 1946AD. Enter the largest white population ever, the boomers, on whom childhood liberty was at an all time high, coupled with John Dewy subversive ‘public education’, CIA dispensed psychedelic dope, & ‘rebellion’ commercialized as ‘popular culture’ after 1955 to this day. We have surrendered our birthright in the name of antIChrist & are reaping the horrors of what we have sewn & deservedly so. “Redemption creates the need it satisfies.” Oswald Chambers. I

  4. I was brought up in Country Durham England during the 1960’s, the pit village had one village copper, very little real crime during my early years then, just a good old drunken punch-up when the miners and travellers were letting off steam. However if you decided to steal, cheat or harm children or the old folk, then god help you if the coal-miners got to you first.

    The country is unrecognizable now.

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