Milwaukee Black Murder Suspect Released to ‘Incarceration Alternative’ Non-Profit Goes on to Kill Again


By Enzo Porter | 11 June 2022

V DARE — Black career criminal Darrell Brooks walked out of a Milwaukee jail last year, after providing a paltry $1,000 bail for running over the mother of his child with his car [Darrell Brooks freed on bail before parade, no record of hearing, by Bryan Polcyn, FOX6 Milwaukee, November 30, 2021]. Days later, Brook murdered six whites (including an 8-year old boy and some grandmothers) and injured 62 by ramming his vehicle into a white crowd at a Christmas parade in nearby Waukesha.

This spurred a (brief) debate about Milwaukee’s “racial equity” criminal justice reforms, but (as usual) no substantial policy change. So now it’s happened again

Milwaukee is on track to break its all-time homicide record [Milwaukee on pace to break homicide rate record again this year,  by Christine Hatfield, Wisconsin Public Radio, May 17, 2022]. But its “Race, Equity and Procedural Justice Committee” remains ideologically rigid.

Its failures should be in the news again because a 17-year-old black teenager, Rashaun Seaberry, released after allegedly murdering  a 26-year-old black woman  named Jasmine Renee Brown in April 2021, killed (allegedly)  again. […]

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