Iconic Shopping Tradition Dies as ‘Blasé Friday’ Means no More Stampedes or Frenzied Crowds

By Tyler Durden | 27 November 2020

ZERO HEDGE — With the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy having already been downgraded to Blasé Friday” in prior years due to the continued devastation of bricks and mortar retail, it will hardly come as a surprise that today – when online spending surpassed in store purchases for the first time ever

… due to ongoing covid lockdowns, one can officially put the time of death on one of the fondest traditions of American consumerism: The sprinting, shoving, punching grabfest that was the annual Friday midnight pilgrimage to your local mall, better known as Black Friday, is no more.

As Bloomberg notes, the sluggish in-person traffic reported in 2019 is only expected to thin out further this year, as mall-wary shoppers trade in midnight doorbusters for digital deals and the comfort of their own homes. […]

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