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Covid-1984 Cowinkydinks Galore, and the Lies That Are Now Being Fessed Up

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‘Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.’ ― author Ian Fleming, “Goldfinger”

Par for the course, we are currently experiencing a rather incredible amount of what we at Winter Watch refer to as “cowinkydinks.” Although most bugs and virus causing illness weaken over time, somehow Covid-1984 has mutated into a form that spreads 70% faster.

And there’s the timing, right as rushed vaccines with adverse reactions are deployed. And somehow the “science” has already determined that this new strain will respond well to the new vaccines. Yes, all so convenient.

The source behind the claim that a new Covid-19 strain in the U.K. is 70% more transmissible is Dr. Erik Volz. He admits that the model that produced that statistic is flawed and that it’s “too early to tell” if the strain is more easily spread.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, we learn that yet another fast spreader called Covid-21 is lurking.

If this wasn’t dicey enough for dot connectors, we learn that these new strains are festering in New Underworld Order central, the U.K., not some third-world hell hole.

The so-called sidelined stimulus boondoggle includes $4 billion for GAVI, the Bill Gates-controlled vaccine consortium that is the leading edge of pharmaceutical skulduggery. GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance was launched in 2000 at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos with an initial pledge of $750 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

CARE homes have been accused of using powerful sedatives to make coronavirus victims die more quickly. Prescriptions for the drug midazolam rocketed during the height of the pandemic, with some claiming it has “turned end-of-life care into euthanasia.”

“Midazolam reduces pain and anxiety and is considered one of the four essential drugs needed for dying patients. If taken with pain-killing opiates, it can depress breathing, which is potentially fatal.”

Also consistent with the COVID-1984 Gates-Fauci protection racketeering is a mysterious fire in Taiwan that destroyed a major source of precursors for hydroxychliroquine (HCQ). It is anticipated that the factory will be shuttered for six-months. Early stage Covid-19 patients outside of the U.S. are treated with HCQ combined with zinc and an antibiotic like azithromycin.

A scientifically proven way to cure Covid patients has been demonized by mainstream media propaganda. Now the second largest production plant blows up. Whodathunk.

This convenient explosion may have even wider-ranging ramifications. Chloroquine is on the World Health Organization’s list essential  medicines.

The facility is in Taoyuan is very close to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, a major international hub serving Taipei and Taiwan, and also to Hsinchu Science Park, a high-tech Mecca, housing over 400 companies. This area is highly sophisticated and prosperous and has a bullet train station connecting it to central Taipei in about half an hour’s travel time. It’s not at all some third-world backwater.

Photo via Taiwan English News.

Meanwhile, a trial study from Prof. Carl Heneghan of Oxford University states, “The high quality trial evidence for cloth masks suggest they increase your rate of reinfection. Influenza-like illness rates three times higher with cloth masks when compared to control group.”


Analysis of outcomes in Florida counties.

Read “Fauci Predicted Scamdemic in 2017 and Ignores Covid-1984 Protocols Today”

Fauci takes the obscured jab of all mucky mucks in his left arm. The next day (seen @8:25), he rubs his non-injected right arm and says it’s a little sore. Fake scripts sometimes have holes, even for actors.

A JAMA meta-analysis of 77,758 participants showed there was no asymptomatic spread of Covid-19.

And even WHO is fessing up that asymptomatic spread is “very rare”.

Fessing up about testing.

Winter Watch Takeaway:

It was not us who took your job, it was Covid.

It was not us who locked you up, it was Covid.

It was not us who traced you, it was Covid.

It was not us who injected you, it was Covid.

It was not us who mandated a vaccination passport, it was Covid.

It was not us …

Spot a pattern yet?

Covid and hospitals: It’s a war zone.

21 Comments on Covid-1984 Cowinkydinks Galore, and the Lies That Are Now Being Fessed Up

  1. You got to give it to those kosher cabal demons inventing an invisible terror that flies thru the air. Just when we thought the mASSES were waking up they went fast asleep into a dystopian kosher nightmare in front of their tv’s, waiting for their instructions from their masters! Doesn’t say much for those useless eaters, libtards and bible bangers

      • Sorry, but I’m with James on this one.

        Have you ever read Sun Tzu “The Art of War” ?

        Read that, then read your bible again. You’ve been had. And guess who the perps were/are ?

        Funny how that’s exactly what’s playing out right now.

        • ‘Project one thing then do the opposite’ is the ‘art of war’ oriental style. Jesus Christ carried out His warfare in the way He said He would. Merry Christmas, everyone!

      • SHH,

        Cool! Good to see you here. We have not spoken before, but we have been on the same threads a few times.

        Simple thought: Merry Christmas! God bless you and yours.

        All my best,
        Simple Citizen

    • Yo James, Merry Christmas!

      Now, my friend, I will have to (very respectfully) disagree with you. If the Rockefeller family did in fact cause the Spanish Flu due to a vaccine gone wrong, we might not be able to blame the Zionists.

      Now if you are of the belief that 5G is the root cause and radio was the root cause of the (poorly named) Spanish Flu, then I guess we could call into question the “Court Jews”; however, I side with the first causality and think it was playing around by a bunch of WASPS or just plain SATANISTS. Who used a weapon and simply “juiced” some numbers as a justification for plain old fascism. No, not the brown shirts, but rather the trains run on time, black shirts.

      Just some simple thoughts my friend.

      Please be well.

      • Thanks Simple, The same here…Lets just hope that the Ven Diagram is all that needs overlapping. There is of course, the mystery of all that sky writing or geo engineering, perhaps that’s just Goldman juicing the commodity markets and not protecting mankind from something nefarious and geophysical like a micro nova , otherwise it is God bless or as Heidegger states in his last known interview in 1976 “Only a God can save us now”. I’m not much for divine intervention.

        12000-13000 year cycles?- Got an Ark?

        Ben seems to agree with me on the visuals in the last bit: of this one

        • BTW 5G means only Fifth Generation…Its whats in that generation that has me concerned and it started with cruise ships if you remember..Couples in same cabins but different results. Directed Micro waves for the purposes of garnering illness, nothing more

  2. “it was not natural causes that killed the plutocrat (insert appropriate title), it was a pissed off goyim”

    we need to develop this new pattern

  3. First:

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and I hope the 25th is a day of peace for all (even if one does not celebrate it as a holiday)! Thank you friends at WW for helping keep us all sane during this past year. The great threads by Mr. Winter, Mr. Mueller and Torchy have helped us through the fog of 2020, and our ability to support one another has meant the world to me during these difficult times. I pray and keep a very good thought for all of you!

    Second (the thread):

    Yes, a very good thread which succinctly captures the blame game of modern America and “strawman” concept (originally created by the Italians, Dutch, English and the U.S. [14th Amendment – then Delaware codes] in that order). “It was not our fault, it was the Conjob-19 that did it.”

    “Did we use a weaponized version of the flu? Yep!

    Did we create the weaponized version of the flu in the U.S. and then give it to our Chinese partners? Yep!

    Did they deploy the weapon in a small section of their nation? Yep!

    Did it spread from their population traveling during the year of the Rat? Nope.

    How did it travel? It was redeployed a few times over and in different parts of the world.

    Were the Chinese spreaders in many cases? Sure!

    In fact in Italy, we now use Chinese “workers” (i.e. slaves) to produce items, like for that guy who is on the council for the new Pope hedge fund (Bruno C.), then we can pay them lower wages, keep Italians out of jobs, and slap a made in Italy label on that pair of Gucci loafers. Fun, right?!?

    So we just gave it to those “workers” and let it affect a nation with high co-morbidity (especially TB). Then last week we made up a story about how a few folks in Antarctica used the heavily flawed PCR test and came up with the positive (since this is how we juice the numbers). This shows “we are all in this together (a socialist manifesto that is a complete lie)” and Conjob-19 has gotten to every continent on the planet. Even the penguins have this awful affliction that kills 0.0016% of the planet.

    Then we got a Bond villain, from central casting, to talk some BS about a “Great Reset” and got a bunch of sock puppet leaders to all recite the words “Build Back Better”. These knuckleheads are so stupid, they will literally say anything. Also they assume we like them and will spare them, as well as their future generations because we make them popular for a moment. They never seem to realize that we hate them too (especially that gnome Fauci — he prints his own signs stating “Thank you Dr. Fauci” and has the idiots is his neighborhood stick them up on their stupid, suburban, lawns. What an idiot!)!

    They are as useless to us as the rest of the population. Once the robots can be relied upon, their families will be wiped out as well!” (1% of the 1%, pick anyone in that group to associate this quote with because they all believe it)

    Last item:

    So I was thinking about the 1% of the 1% and my mind came to the realization that little Henry Kissinger should be near 100 years old soon. Now, I thought to myself, I should ask my WW friends whether they actually think he is still alive (we hear reports he is, but no sightings), living in some sort of cryogenics, or simply long gone?

    They allegedly got rid of David Rockefeller (although I have my doubts and would not be surprised if there is a Chile sighting, since he used to do all his medical treatments in that nation — there was an intrepid journalist who confronted him down there and the event was once on YouTube, but I do believe it has been “scrubbed”) and the elder Bushes (again not sure I buy this one totally regarding H.W. — Barbara I do believe has transitioned), but little, medal of St. George and St. Michael winner, Henry keeps (supposedly) chugging along.

    If anyone gets a moment, I would be interested in hearing what you think on this man’s current condition (alive, frozen or dead).

    I was going to end with an allegation that I believe Mr. Ted Gunderson (a man that I respect) leveled about little Henry, but it is Christmas and I have too much respect for you all to bring it up. Perhaps another time.

    Please all be well!

    Simple Citizen

  4. “Now the second largest production plant blows up.

    This convenient explosion may have even wider ranging ramifications. Chloroquine is in the 2019 list of WHO’s Model List of Essential Medicines.”

    This part got me thinking about the cover-up regarding how the Chinese used IV Vitamin C, which Fauci will not even mention. Also please recall that I posted a Reuters news article this past week that there have been no new cases in Wuhan, there is no mask mandates and ZERO social distancing.

    On the Vitamin C aspect:

      • Mr. Seymour,

        Hello, good to see you here. Yes, Mr. Rappoport has done an done some excellent work both since March and before. He is an interesting and astute journalist. Thanks for mentioning him here.

        Not wishing to be redundant, I did post a Reuters article about Wuhan nightlife a few threads ago, and I also linked the Wuhan pool party in a post quite a while back. Both of those stories can be found quite easily through a basic search if anyone is interested in them. Basically, Wuhan now looks like a lot of fun right now, while the U.S. is getting the death camp look of the Black Plague.

        Please be well my friend and have a Happy New Year.


  5. Russ, can you please do an article on Mr Gates Sr juxtaposed against Mr Gates Jr. My question is whether or not Sr was leading the PUSH to where we are today or whether Mr Gates Jr is simply attempting to PULL his fathers life’s work forward for his own F’s up Psyche.

    Question to a Eugenicist: Why the reason for the population reduction…and don’t tell me resources. What is your plan for humanity? Going to the stars or just resolving some F’d up psychosis from childhood (Satanism)?

    Further a Ven diagram featuring Vaccine Control/Economic Collapse/Oligarchery 101 might shed some light.

    I see the Covid thingy as simply license to facilitate sovereigns to gain “emergency powers” but to what end? Harvest Powers?

    As I’ve stated, these Nerds will F up the whole thing if they think their orders wont be botched, mishandled, screwed up, and broken..People screw all kinds of systems up by accident and AI cannot react to reactions over time since actions eventually migrates to the unknown as they exist in an irrational state thus without reason…Why do you think TA can always work .

    How many Quant guys have recently discovered their models no longer work…

    • Oh..And to all a Merry Christmas and a little hope; Just remember we are Spiritual Beings living a Human Experience not the other way round…Robots cant create out of nothing. Where do Ideas come from?

      I think Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, which some say depicts an anatomically correct Brain that God resides in, holds the clue:

    • My friend (and I do consider you my friend, even when we disagree; God bless you and yours [whether you follow within or without]!), the Gates family begins with the grandpappy who was a part of a eugenics club (not just an advocate, but a member of the Board — so Gates One).

      The second Gates went into banking (like his daddy) and became a prime sponsor of Planned Parenthood; however, when it comes to little Billy (that pear shaped freak in the very large sweaters), his mama is the real driver (to his life, career, and perspective).

      Now I do encourage Mr. Winter to give his own perspective, but I think I have given you a few leads to an overall picture. My own mother was Bell Labs and although she did not share my love of early Apple (I would not touch them with a 100 foot pole now), she was no fan of Gates and I got a serious understanding of the fraud (dirty DOS, the GUI and his evil treatment of creative programmers — gosh, Allen was lucky, but he was also the smarter of the pair and Balmer was supposedly their “muscle” — heck, I don’t get it — he was just plain FAT).

      Basically we have three generations of bad mojo!

      Merry Christmas! Please be well.

  6. Here’s another “cowinkydink”–around the time my trilogy book was compiled and published with the most important character (rock band singer named Erik) it turns out some of the most evil people on Earth now are named either Erik or Eric (Prince, this article dude, the mayor of LA, and too many others to mention)….sheesh! Makes me wonder if my fave Viking, Erik the Red, was evil as well….

  7. Funny, Dr. Ant-ony (diminutive little insect) can’t remember which arm!

    Glad you had it here Mr. Winter.

    Maybe, if I have a moment, I can share an image of the the lawns in his neighborhood with the signs (that I believe a member of his family prints up and distributes), which thank him for his noble work.

    For a long time now, I have thought that he could be Knights of Malta, District of Columbia (, and / or possibly Opus Dei; however, I do not have concrete proof of any kind (just suspicion, based on experience).

    Either way, I am thankful for the video in support of the thread.


  8. Yet, they expect to do as we are doing now : spotting the glaringly obvious contradictions, the nonsense everywhere we look during the pandemic, the mocking the in your face humiliation & we will do nothing about it. Save for a salty tweet on social media , maybe create a meme , because this is turning into a one sided battle and the enemy elite are hoping to wrap it all up faster than they ever expected. Hang on tight till 2030. If you still around by then , who knows what it will be like. Will you be grateful to be alive or maybe wish to be dead.

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