Who are the biggest Jewish donors of the 2020 campaigns?

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Fifteen of the top 25 biggest political donors this cycle are Jewish or of Jewish origin.

By Ron Kampeas | 25 September 2020

JERUSALEM POST — I picked through the top 100 on the Open Secrets website for a glance at those 15, including Sheldon and Miriam Adelson [R], Michael Bloomberg [D], George Soros [D], Bernie Marcus [R] and Donald Sussman [D]. The biggest donor by far is Tom Steyer [D], the hedge funder-philanthropist who ran a presidential campaign this year and whose father was Jewish.

But scroll through the list of 100 and there are plenty of other intriguing stories behind the names: Daniel Abraham, the Slim-Fast diet mogul who emerged as a major advocate of the two-state solution during the Oslo process, is at 33 and listed as “solidly Democrat/liberal.”

Stacy Schusterman, a scion of one of the most important Jewish charitable enterprises, is No. 74 and also “solidly Democrat/liberal.”

Steven Spielberg, the blockbuster film director and producer whose USC Shoah Foundation is preserving Holocaust testimony, is No. 35 and, you guessed it, is “solidly Democrat/liberal.” Seth Klarman, the Boston hedge funder who might once have been counted as a conservative on the list, is now listed as “solidly Democrat/liberal,” having been driven leftward by his disgust with President Donald Trump. He’s at 28. […]

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  1. @rita i- 15/25 were jews, reportage by the Jerusalem Post. This isn’t some racist article. Poor deflection attempt. Try harder to be smarter.

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