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Raised by radicals in Chicago, he’s about to become San Francisco’s new top prosecutor

After his parents went to prison for murder, Chesa Boudin was raised in Hyde Park by former Weather Underground leaders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

By Matthew Hendrickson | 3 January 2020

CHICAGO SUN TIMES — C Boudin’s life story sounds like something out of a right-winger’s nightmares.

The son of two left-wing radicals convicted for their roles as getaway drivers in an infamous 1981 armored-car robbery, he was raised in Chicago by adoptive parents Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, former leaders of the Weather Underground, a militant offshoot of the group Students for a Democratic Society.

During graduate school, Boudin headed to Venezuela to explore that nation’s revolutionary upheaval.

Now 39, Boudin — who worked for years in the public defender’s office in San Francisco and never prosecuted a case — is about to become San Francisco’s next district attorney.

Part of a wave of progressive prosecutors nationally that includes Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, Boudin says he’s determined to use the power of his new post to reform it. He’s calling for ending the cash bail system, addressing racial disparities and refocusing resources away from misdemeanors to corruption and corporate crime. […]

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  1. Wow— shades of Obama, whose college fees were paid by the same Jewish Bolshevik Terrorists, and whose mothers were also Jewish. Chesa Boudin was born in New York to Jewish parents.

    “Ted Gold and the Jews of Weathermen: Part 2”

    “The top theoreticians of Weatherman were Jacobs, Mellen, and Dohrn. The top militants were Robbins, Ayers, and Jacobs. The person in the brightest spotlight throughout was Dohrn. The Jewish cohort seems to diminish slightly as one descends into the middling leadership group, and then again into the rank-and-file.”

    When is humanity going to wake up?

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