Who Will Be Babbling Biden’s Choice for Veep?

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Dementia Joe’s choice for vice president is an important one for the Democrat Party apparatchik, and a highly consequential one for Americans. The 76-year-old mothballed politico announced early on that he has no intention of being a two-term president. Some doubt he can even complete one term. Our own Russ Winter speculated that he may even step aside — or be stepped over — during the Democrat convention, or jettisoned before the election.

Whatever the sequence of events, the question remains the same: Who will Biden choose to ultimately take over his presidency?

In May, Team Biden released a list of nine women under consideration for veep. Most notable is five of the nine are black and most are relatively unknown. Elizabeth Warren is one of the two white women. Though she’s the most well-known and most popular among Progressives, according to polls, the BLM-placating liberal media choose instead to focus almost exclusively on the black contenders.

In June, Team Biden released four more names from his binders of women, all of them white. The media ignored them, too.

POLITICO explained:

Biden revealed in March he would select a female running mate, and nationwide protests against racism and police brutality have heightened pressure on his campaign to choose a woman of color. …

Biden said Tuesday there are a “number of women of color” on his vice presidential shortlist, including Hispanic women and women of Asian heritage, but that he is “not releasing the names of all” the candidates.

We know that Babbling Biden’s veep list was chosen for him, and we suspect he’s not particularly keen on any of them. That’s why we’ve yet to hear “his choice.” We also suspect “his choice” is someone being kept out of the public eye. All of these other women are a front, a mere distraction.

Biden revealed the most important qualification:

VOX: “The most important thing — and I’ve actually talked to Barack about this — the most important thing is that there has to be someone who, the day after they’re picked, is prepared to be president of the United States of America if something happened,” Biden said.

And he has said that above all, he needs someone who he can trust.

POLITICO: “He’s not kidding when he says I really want someone I’m simpatico with — someone he can trust,” said a close Biden ally. “His experience with Obama was one of genuine closeness and trust.”

What does he mean by this? Well, we don’t think he’s just talking about camaraderie. Most people don’t know much about Creepy Joe. What they have learned about him during the past year isn’t just unflattering. It’s potentially corrupt and criminal.

He needs a wing woman who can go to bat for him when he’s attacked about his and his son Hunter’s involvement in Ukraine and with China. He also needs someone he can count on to defend him should incriminating documents surface involving sexual assault on a former staffer Tara Reade (or others) — especially given his dismal “denial performance” on MSNBC (aka MSDNC).

In other words, he needs a pervert justice warrior, someone who knows how to keep mum about the location of buried bodies, and who won’t accidentally alienate either black or white voters.

There’s only one well-known candidate who fits this bill to a tee. She has spent the last four years polishing her brand. She has a website up with all of her policy positions and PAC in place. She’s made it clear she’s available for the veep post.

She’s been endorsing, defending and raising money for Biden since last year — before he even announced. All of Biden’s committees are now manned with her people. She’s been campaigning and strategizing for him and has been on the scene out of sight of late, but it’s not because her character is altruistic. They’re trying to maintain an element of surprise.

Like Biden, she’s had two failed runs for the Oval Office. She won the popular vote against Trump in the last election.

Yep, you guessed it. Brace for it. Queen of the swamp rats. Hillary Goddamn Clinton.

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  1. Well that was a surprise! I completely forgot about that evil old bat!

    You may well be right, though I think the Globalists are lining up two Upper Caste Hindu Harpies to be shoehorned into power over both the USA & UK, enabled by the white male “placeholders” who will step aside for them: Biden will step aside for Casting-Couch Kamala Harris, and Boris will step aside for the Treasonous Priti Patel, both Third World women also enabled by their Jewish husbands.

    Male leaders in every country are rapidly being replaced by females, part of the Illuminati “Global Goddess Religion” to get rid of males entirely.

  2. One of the personal benefits of the Covid Terror has been to almost completely free me of any concern as to whether Mr D or Mr R is “elected” – but this interests me as a clever circus act would.

    “Hindu Harpie” is a very interesting angle. Senator Harris is very much of the Obama template – “identifies as black” according to Wiki – they don’t quite say “African American” – mother is a Tamil (there are Brahmin tamils – check) – father was born in Jamaica – some connection to a slavery context which Obama did not have. I think they enjoyed the joke: “first African American president” who in no real sense was that – but it would be an old joke this time round.

    And she got taken down after a surge in the primaries – that’s a tell; and a strong incarcerator while Aty General in CA (someone said). Outside chance.

    Someone I trust thinks it will be Melinda Gates – good stage presence – the “current crisis” may demand her “expertise” – high trust in and long association with Deep State and Ruling circles.

    HRC strikes me as too independent an entity – how coherent, cognitively, is she at this point? Plenty of talk but probably a feint – I guess I intend the pun.

    The choice will be “President of the USA” probably no later than summer 2021 – worth paying attention.

    You can consult what the bettors are thinking here:


    Harris at just under even odds today.

    • I’ll take that Hillary bet, Rice as second place. The word around the political press is that Harris’ younger sister was Hillary’s campaign advisor in 2016. Hillary was advising Harris earlier this year but stopped suddenly in March. Hillary in March also stopped transferring funds from her PAC to female Dem candidates. To me, these are pretty strong signals something’s up. Some speculate she’s waiting to deploy those funds until later in the election cycle. We shall see.

  3. You must factor in human nature. Power is intoxicating. Biden has been running for President since the mid-1980s. Being elected will energize him. He will love being President and getting to grope every broad in sight. He will not abdicate. His VP (N.E. Blackwoman ) will also be a figurehead as VPs always are. The real power will be a secret Democrat politburo run by Obama.

  4. You can consult what the bettors are thinking here: …

    All women — HRC has far too many negatives, and the fact many would smell a rat would only add to those; would be a very surprising choice — Harris is vapid and her campaign was a disaster overall, never any momentum or excitement, she adds only minority femaleness to the ticket, i.e. nothing — Warren shot herself in the foot with the absurd claims of Native American ancestry, and it’s still bleeding; she’s not credible — among the others the only ones I’ve heard of/know anything about are Rice, Michelle/’Michael’ Obama, and Klobuchar (who’s a boring zero) — Trump would/should hammer Rice about the messes in Syria and Libya during the Obama administration — Obama is the tabloid choice; she’d definitely add something to the race, but so would Kim Kardashian.

    A fucking circus.

    • Susan Rice is the most qualified choice. Like Bill Clinton, she is a Rhodes Scholar and a long-time member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). She held high level positions in both the Clinton and Obama administrations, and is a trusted servant of the globalist establishment.

  5. Biden VP –

    Black Florida Congresswoman and former Orlando city police chief Val Demings

    The right inter-sectional points, solid enough presence, and without the negatives of Hillary or Kamala

    The woman to bring in the new American era

    • Thanks for your opinion statement on who should be Biden’s vp, brabantian. We’ll chalk that opinion up right next to your other known stance- that Joe Stalin dindu nuffin wrong, and was basically a good guy.

        • I do read his posts carefully. He constantly makes positive assertions regarding Stalin. Constantly. And he goes even further than that- when he actively contrasts Stalin against Lenin or Hitler, he leaves the impression that Stalin was in some way better than the other two. He wasn’t. There’s a better case that he was the worst. Brabantian also dismisses Alexander Solschenizyn in his comments as some sort of lying or exaggerating propagandist when people bring him up in response to his pro Stalin slant. Not good form. I agree that Brabantian is intelligent, his recent comment about how the dollar was possibly not in immediate or even long term danger of losing its reserve status brought up good points. But regarding Stalin and Alexander Solschenizyn, Brabantian is wrong.

  6. The choice is simple. Straightforward really. If he wants to win, pick Lauren Southern’s
    sister Jess. She’s MORE THAN qualified and would get a lot of straight White males to
    leave the house and vote. She’d certainly ‘pump up’ his campaign appearances. Tell me
    you don’t agree. Oh, and she’s from Canada ! (beats the hell out of Kenya)

  7. On second thought, maybe Biden should pick the governor of Iowa — 1) although white, she is female; 2) albeit a Republican, she seems to be applying for the job, and the attractive prospect of being Biden’s running mate might induce her to switch parties.


    BREAKING: After demands from BLM, Republican Iowa Governor to sign executive order granting voting rights to felons

  8. This will be a pendantic post, for which I apologize. I doubt that the scam being run is as the author and commentators describe it, due to the constitutional rules for selecting a president.

    The reason we are having this discussion is that the campaign of Joe Biden has won or is about to win enough delegates for the Democratic national convention to nominate him for President, and Biden is both 76, older than anyone else elected President, and has clear signs of dementia. So obviously whoever the Democrats nominate for Vice President will replace him at that point, and so that nomination is really important. Right?

    Not necessarily so at all, and that is because of the formal constitutional rules for selecting a President in the USA, mostly found in the 12th and 25th amendments. These are both complicated and poorly understood.

    Both the President and Vice President will be elected by Electors in December. All states now allow voters to vote for the Electors in November. Both parties will select national nominees, done since 1832 by convention, and generally the party slate of Electors will vote for the national nominees for President and Vice President, though legally they can vote for anyone who is both over 35 years of age (but alive, this came up once) and a natural born citizen.

    Once this happens, and the Electoral College selects a President and Vice President, the elected Vice President would replace the elected President if the latter is dead, disabled, resigns, or is removed, either as President or Acting President depending on the situation. So if the Electoral College votes in a person with dementia as President, then who they vote for Vice President becomes very important. But this is only AFTER the Electors vote.

    BEFORE the Electors vote, even between the time when the voters vote for the Electors Ithinking they are voting for President) and the Electoral College vote, the Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees are just the people their parties are stating publically their Electors will vote for. Now most of the time, this happens. But not only can the Electors legally vote for someone else, both parties can change their mind any time before December and pick another nominee. This would be done by a meeting of the state party chairs, though the Republican party bylaws allow the option of reconvening the National Conventions. The nominated Vice Presidential candidate plays no role in this process. Both parties are free to replace their Presidential nominee with anyone else.

    In past American presidential election history, there have been elections where Electors did not vote for their designated presidential party nominee (most recently in 2016, but look up “faithless electors”), states choosing states of Electors with no pledge presidential nominee (most recently in 1960), a nominee backed by a national party dying after the voters voted but before the Electoral College voted and that party’s electors voting for another candidate than his running mate (1872). All this is to say that the selection of a national vice presidential nominee doesn’t bound either party to anything.

    You obviously didn’t have a situation where the health of a major party presidential candidate looked this bad this early. There have been situations in the part where a major party presidential candidate died within six months of the November election of natural causes (the 1840, 1872, and 1944 elections) or there were serious concerns about the nomineees health (both candidates in 2016), but this is unusually bad.

    However, both parties could substitute candidates for both Biden and Trump before December, they don’t have to replace them with the Vice Presidential nominees, and they could both do so after the voters supposedly weigh in on November 3rd, as long as it is before December. My guess this is the scam. Why tip your hand with the Vice Presidential selection if you don’t have to?

    • Interesting and I think entirely correct. So… reading between the lines: appealing, left-most black female as VP in Nov – she is, of course, controlled; she “steps aside” on our about Dec 1 – (ambassador to such and such) – replaced by Melinda Gates – ratified by the Electors soon after; and she is President by March 2021; then selects compliant black male as VP – Cory Booker? – as per 25th Amendment.

      Wave the Covid flag and everyone falls into line.And, of course, a new “surge” by that time.

      Seriously, dementia is such a terrible thing, you can’t be human and watch Biden and not feel just terrible. Aren’t they just a little embarrassed about him and what they are putting him through?

      I well remember how we used to smirk in the 1970s and 80s about the “Gerontocracy” in the Soviet Union and it was true. Starting with Brezhnev they got older sicker more feeble every iteration. They remember – does Putin still ride horses bare chested? – not clear that our rulers do.

    • Thank you for the interesting background info on POTUS/VP candidate process. I understand what you’re saying about the majority of delegates being required for a party’s VP candidate — but it’s really more of a ratification process, isn’t it? I mean, at any time in history, have the delegates gone against the presidential candidate’s VP wishes?

      It’s important to note and keep in mind that even without the nomination of a party, a willing candidate can still run. I don’t think anyone in the last century or so has won an election this way, but it’s allowed. They just don’t have access to the respective committee coffers. Wasn’t Ross Perot the most successful non-party candidate in history?

      I don’t think a person has to be an endorsed party candidate to have a PAC — and the coffers of some PACs, I’d venture to guess, could rival DNC/RNC coffers.

      RE “faithless elector”: Supreme Court ruled on this just a few week ago. Not allowed. They have to do the will of the people of their district. I was awestruck to learn recently that electors were not doing their duty and going rogue — and that something like this would even have taken up by SCOTUS.

      On a side note, two of those three presidents you mention who died shortly after being elected (Harrison and Tyler) were members of the anti-Masonic Whig Party and, from what I’ve extrapolated, it sounds like they may have been poisoned. Intriguing hidden history.

  9. Step 1 -Creepy Joe’s VP pick is.. Michelle Obama.
    Brings Obummer back into the political ring & Ensures Atty Gen. Barr’s investigation is buried.
    Obummer really can’t leave that up to chance, now can he?

    Step 2, use covid-19 as cover to create a flood of mail in ballots, in order to steal the election from Trump.
    What is gonna happen in this election is so Obvious. And,Trump can’t do anything to stop it.

    • NYT — Kamala Harris Is the Future, So Mike Pence May Well Be History
      By Frank Bruni, Opinion Columnist

      Already, I am dreaming of the debate. … There’s Mike Pence, white of hair as well as cheek, his demeanor more starched than his dress shirt, his smile so tight it’s the twin of a grimace. He represents more than the Trump administration, God help him. He represents an America that’s half memory, half myth. …And there’s Kamala Harris — younger, blacker and more buoyant. She’s only the fourth woman on the presidential ticket of one of the country’s two major political parties and she’s the first woman of color. She represents an America that’s evolving, fitfully, toward equal opportunity and equal justice. …Under her gaze, Pence has to defend a racist, sexist president. As he watches helplessly, Harris gets to talk about how that racism and sexism feel to a Black woman like her. This isn’t any ordinary clash of perspectives and philosophies. It’s an extraordinary collision of life experiences. … And that’s exactly what Joe Biden wants.

      So all that rioting and looting is equivalent to a kind of ‘fitful’ evolution; America is ‘evolving’ toward “equal opportunity and equal justice” — so don’t worry, whitey — besides, your country was mostly just a “myth” anyway …

      Frank Bruni — Personal lifeBruni was born in White Plains, New York. He is openly gay. He has struggled with his eating and bulimia.

      … says the bulimic f@ggot — “LOL”

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