Identity Politics Claims Another Lifelong Career in Sports Broadcasting


Reds announcer Thom Brennaman suspended after using homophobic slur

By Dan Bernstein | 19 August 2020

SPORTING NEWS — The Fox Sports Ohio broadcast of the Reds’ doubleheader against the Royals on Wednesday included TV announcer Thom Brennaman using a homophobic slur while speaking into a hot microphone.

In a video widely circulated on social media, Brennaman could be heard saying “one of the f— capitals of the world.” He seemingly did not realize he was on-air.

Brennaman, 56, has been an MLB broadcaster for 33 years. His father, Marty Brennaman, is in the Hall of Fame for his work calling games. […]

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  1. Thom Brennaman gets caught saying what virtually most people say behind the scenes without a microphone. So, the degenerates have enough power in politics to override the American first amendment. Sorry faggots, but the majority of the people are sickened by sodomy. It’s a dirty disgusting practice, so keep it to yourselves preferably in the closet. Free speech, a thing of the past.

    • Thom Brennaman gets caught saying what virtually most people say behind the scenes without a microphone.

      That’s right — yet nearly all of these guys will continue to show up for games (as soon as that’s possible again), and/or watch on TV, meaning this business (MLB is a business) will suffer no economic harm from doing this kind of thing.

      There are three aspects to every such incident: 1) the fate of the individual (no better than 50:50 he ever calls another game); 2) the chilling effect on everyone else (e.g. every broadcaster in America just made a mental note to always double-check the state of his mic); 3) the perpetuation and widening of snitch culture, where weak, low status people seek approval and ‘social credit’ by enforcing ‘globohomo’ norms, including by doing harm to others.

      The most insidious example of this is the way the Establishment lined up against the use of hydroxychloroquine just because Trump supported its use, even though there is a LOT of evidence it works as both an acute and a preventive treatment, meaning it could have conceivably saved many lives.

  2. It’s amazing that this farce of people having “the right to not be offended” is believed by so many. A century of satanist discordians running the education system will do that- people will believe anything nowadays. I reckon these gulls are properly prepped for the asinine fake alien invasion, which they’ll instantly accept.

  3. Cherchez le femme!

    Some fucking snake in the grass producer turned his mic back on. I’d have to assume it’s a woman who feels she deserves his job. Some 8ish blonde who can rattle off meaningless sports statistics who thinks she’s Harry Caray. A good sportscaster is like the batboy from The Natural, a fat kid who can’t play the game – but loves it and wants to be a part of the game in any capacity.

    Baseball has been on life support since the McGwire/Sosa homerun race. The Red Sox’s beating the curse, was the last signs of life from the most boring sport to watch – aside from basketball.

    Enjoy the inclusive atmosphere of sportsball you pozzed sumbitches, you earned it!

  4. He should have proudly and irreverently denied that there was any homophobic meaning to his comment, and bullshitted that he was talking about cigarettes. He was going to lose his job either way, at least go out smiling and giving them the middle finger.

  5. I was listening to ESPN radio as I was getting ready this morning and they were commenting on this case and a commentator stated that if Brennaman felt that way about homosexuality, he should just keep it too himself. Because, you see, if your someone who feels homosexuality is decadent and degenerate, you can’t voice an opinion. Only those who see this degeneracy as progressive are allowed to voice there opinion.

    And, of course, Brennaman immediately curled up like a weak bitch and apologized profusely once he was notified that what he said went live over the air. As Nietzsche stated over 100 years ago in his ‘Zarathustra,’ only strong men are equal to their deeds and actions and don’t suffer from the ‘bite of conscience!’

    • Thanks eah! I grew up obsessed with professional sports. I still occasionally watch playoffs, but the Greek agonal aspect of sports has been so commodified and sucked dry by these parasites, that it has all but ruined it for me now. And to watch now how the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NCAA football have totally fallen for this Covid fraud by implementing all of these insane ‘protective measures’ shows just how far they’ve succeeded in controlling people and keeping them subjugated.

      Yet, not one person within these leagues has had the courage to step forward and say, “Wait a minute! We are being conned here!” All these coaches, players, and commissioners/administrators just continually defer to the ‘medical experts.’ As Hamlet would say, “The time is out of joint!”

      • @Ed

        I grew up obsessed with professional sports.

        Like most guys.

        And to watch now how the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NCAA football have totally fallen for this Covid fraud …

        As expected for a perceived serious health threat — what bothers me a LOT more is their unquestioned embrace of BLM, which is essentially political, and, more importantly, essentially anti-white — let’s face it: all of these businesses (and every pro sports league, and every pro sports team, is a business) would very probably fire an employee who said/posted on social media ‘White Lives Matter’ — who doubts this?

        What bothers me most about the NCAA is the way university admission standards have been corrupted to admit ghetto Blacks so they can play ‘sportsball’ — so many of them obviously belong nowhere near a university campus — nearly every case of serious criminal misconduct by NCAA athletes, and there have been many such cases, is due to these ghetto Blacks who should not be there in the first place.

        It’s time for self-respecting white people, especially white men, to walk away, however difficult that might be — for me it was easy, and I will never attend or watch again.

      • @ed & eah-
        “And to watch now how the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NCAA football have totally fallen for this Covid fraud …“
        They’re not falling for it, they’re pushing the fraudulent narrative as they are designed to do, being public relations (read propaganda) entities. The proof they’re propaganda operations is in their messaging, as eah points out, as they consistently pick and choose divisive political causes to champion. These causes are very much against the interests of the large majority of their “customers”, henceforth these organizations cannot be considered simply businesses. These sports are also outed constantly as being fixed, which is a telltale sign that they’re something more than competing, independent sports teams. NCAA basketball point shaving and player paying, the World Series from the blacksox to the astros, paid off nba playoffs referees, PEDs, the list goes on forever. And the coaches and players not saying a word also confirms the limited hangout nature of these “leagues”. Agents in place galore, you bet they’re “in league” with each other.
        “I grew up obsessed with professional sports.”
        I regretfully did too, but I realized it’s essentially alien culture to commoditize kid’s ball games into the bread and circuses quasi polytheistic religions they have become. They have no value except to suggest to their viewers how to think while fleecing them monetarily. That isn’t a business. That’s a fucking weapon. I’ll never watch sports for enjoyment again, unless I’m enjoying pointing out to the surrounding pajama people, the overt cultural marxist propaganda they spew out constantly.

        • High-culture demands great contests! Athletic competition breeds excellence! I love the intense war-like sports that are ‘fast-paced’ and ‘physical’ that place a premium on strength, quickness, speed, endurance, rapid judgement, and sportsmanship. Tennis, football, racket ball, basketball, boxing/MMA, water polo, rugby, track and field, and a handful of others.

          Nietzsche’s ‘Homer’s Contest’ captures what is at stake with the immense forces that collide when great competition ensues. One can live in company with the Gods whether it is in one great 100M, a lone 95-yard kickoff return that wins the game, or a piece of music written by one great musician to surpass another.


          They are pushing the narrative by falling for it! The general masses are oblivious! There are players, coaches, trainers, administrators who are absolutely clueless about the global agenda in play right now. The media and government telling them that there’s a pandemic and scary disease is good enough for them. The hive-mind is dangerous! Mass hypnosis dominates! But,…I know there are alumni, players, coaches, etc. who see behind this scam, but they lack the resolve that is required to place oneself at risk, in the open, calling the hoax out everywhere where one goes!

          Sports do have a healthy and robust value! It’s just that the whole destructive Jewish agenda that includes: AIPAC/Zionism, Cultural Marxism, mixed in with the consequences of late-stage finance capital, controlling the Internet, and the sinister goals of the technocratic elite are,… along with the Covid-19 hoax!… going to destroy all of the tremendous traditional, soil-rooted, American sports and the country they were born from. Two years from now we could have weak airline travel along with multiple athletic departments and college football programs shut down. The NBA, NFL, MLB, tennis,…all weak and headed towards extinction!

          “When the bottom falls out, it’s a terrifying ride”- Bukowski

      • @Ed

        Athletic competition breeds excellence!

        I agree 100% that training/competition builds discipline and reinforces the value of postponing gratification and being goal-oriented; it ‘builds character’ as they used to say — not to mention the benefits of physical fitness and muscular strength to manly self-esteem (‘toxic masculinity’ is total bullshit: the world and its leadership have too little masculinity, not too much) — for most guys this happens during youth (Little League etc) and high school (interscholastic sports), which is where the vast majority of them have such experiences..

        We’re talking about the BIG business of spectator sports here, which is something entirely different.

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