Prosecutors seek prison for ex-soldier they say is Satanist

18 August 2020

WTOP NEWS (AP) — A former Army soldier who prosecutors said is a Satanist who hoped to overthrow the U.S. government should spend around three years in prison for providing viable instructions for building explosive devices to people who wanted to commit violence, the government argued Tuesday.

Jarrett William Smith, 24, a private first class stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, and previously at Fort Bliss, Texas, was discharged from the military after admitting in February that he provided information about explosives in September to an FBI undercover agent.

In a motion opposing the lenient punishment sought by the defense, Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Mattivi wrote that Smith has admitted he posted on the internet a recipe for constructing an explosive device and a recipe for creating improvised napalm. …

“He admitted providing the information even to individuals who told him they wanted to use the information to harm others,” Mattivi wrote. “He said that he did this in order to cause ‘chaos,’ and that it didn’t matter to him if his information led to the death of someone else.” […]

1 Comment on Prosecutors seek prison for ex-soldier they say is Satanist

  1. Interesting… this guy’s motive was to create chaos, of course.. that said, how do you get thrown in jail for disseminating information that can easily be found on one cursory internet search? The fbi either entrapped another white terrorist, or this is a psyop. Speaking of psyops, I just saw a recent court video of Brenton Tarrant, the NZ mosque shooter. Doesn’t look like the same guy they showed last year in my opinion. He’s got to be 50 pounds lighter, with arguably darker hair and a more receded hairline. This link has the recent video and the older pics:

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