Seattle’s Capital Hill Autonomous Zone: A ‘Lord of the Flies’ Idiocracy on Full Display

GRAPHIC: Patriot Post

‘The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.’ — Plato

A particularly interesting phenomena to observe is just how quickly the discordian Illuminist mob will eat their young, especially if they happen to be virtue signalling whites. Not exactly a page out of Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

This form of the struggle session [read: #StruggleSessions and the Mythical Inverted Cult of St. Floyd], seen in the video below, of berating and escorting a little white dude out of the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) may seem like good street theater, but like the Hungarian Soviet of 1919 [read; György Lukács: Practitioner of Red Vanguardism and Cultural Nihilism], it should fail in due course. This is how the Lords of the Flies will treat you when they come to brief power, only worse. Tens of thousands were murdered in 1919 Red Hungary before it was rescued by Admiral Horthy. In fact, observe the making of a white nationalist Lesson 101. Seattle’s black population: 7%.

The end game of all this is to sweep the defacto race baiting Lord of the Flies CHAZ aside and replace it with an authoritarian police state technocracy. I doubt if the enablers will allow Trump the honors, however. It will happen once the fake dialectic left comes to power as more street theater.

Meanwhile, Catholic homosexual and fifth columnist Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who’s also a former Obama appointee, learns there is no peace for wicked bootlickers. Discordians are calling for her resignation. Also calling for her resignation are three city council members: Kshama Sawant, an antifa from India; Teresa Mosqueda, the Mexican wife of an Associated Press journalist; and Tammy Morales, a Socialist Democrat and “community organizer.” Isn’t diversity grand?

Fifth columnist Sawant let hundreds of radical discordians inside of Seattle City Hall through a back door at night. Sawant is just one of a brood of Unamerican Marxist Socialists from India. The kakistocracy has outdone themselves with this posse.

Joining in the Durkan pile on are 250 Microsoft employees — fellow Marxist Indians perhaps?

New World Order Autotrons in America: Upper-Caste Supremacist Subcontinent Indians

The following video was after whacked-out Durkan downplayed CHAZ as a festival and applied the clown-world term “summer of love.” Calls for her resignation is her reward for cowering before the eat-their-own anarchos. One requirement for useful idiot whites to join in on the CHAZ Mafia is a $10 reparation payment to blacks.

Meanwhile, the female black police chief visits the abandoned Capital Hill East Precinct to check for damage and tries to walk a tight rope between her sworn responsibilities and virtue signalling. It’s like watching the village idiots forming their own Idiocracy in real time.

Nearly a dead ringer for U.S. President Dwayne Elizondo “Mountain Dew” Herbert Camacho in the highly recommended cult classic satire movie “Idiocracy” comes rapper Raz Simone to take over as the “warlord” of CHAZ — just like they do in Africa.

Apparently Raz has the guns, thus forcing the hypocrites running Seattle to back down on their gun control agenda. It all feels so strangely and ridiculously performed Lord of the Flies stagecraft that we suspect a big spoof. I think the New Underworld Order is laughing at the pajama people once again over their latest hoax.

From Seattle, just about a two-hour drive South down Interstate 5 is Antifa-infested Portland. The female police chief there, Jami Resch, resigned on June 8 after being thrown under the bus. She lasted only five months on this thankless job. Resch, too, wasn’t able to virtue signal and step and fetch sufficiently enough to placate the Antifa mob. Plus, she had a major no-confidence characteristic: She’s white. Resch stepped down as chief to be replaced by a black officer. Blacks make up only 5.8% of Portland’s population.

Portland’s fifth columnist and Limousine Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler — who has also been a feckless leftist bootlicker of the Idiocracy mob — is himself being subjected to a Lord of the Flies purge attempt with calls for his resignation.

Even Jewish shock jock Howard Stern is learning that bootlicking and virtue signalling is no protection from the current mob hysteria.

Separately, the mob is asking for Las Vegas Jewish Democrat Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s resignation in response to her efforts to reopen that city in the wake of the scamdemic. It’s tough to be responsible and do the right thing when you have a Idiocracy support base of vocal discordians.

In Florida, hundreds of dindus looted a Walmart. This is a show of their appreciation after Walmart corporate pledged a $100 million donation to vague social justice and equity initiatives. Free Shit Matters. Walmart head mucky muck said it’s community efforts would focus on “racial violence.”

I don’t think the following FBI chart can be repeated enough in this inverted world.

Walmart isn’t the only one. Countless corporations have pledged billions to God knows whom and for what.

Clown world virtue signaler and feckless Joe Rogan claims that it is largely white kids looting. Rogan would have us believe that he spotted only four blacks among a hundred looting videos. This con man is probably next.

And as for the neo-Bolshevik shills and hacks in the mainstream media, you are on notice that you, too, can be tossed off the island and canned under the flimsiest excuses at any time.

21 Comments on Seattle’s Capital Hill Autonomous Zone: A ‘Lord of the Flies’ Idiocracy on Full Display

  1. I love the way Mr. Winter has described the overall insane situation – Lord of the Flies. We see diversity destroying country after country. It comes down to one thing, anti-white terrorism in all formerly white homelands.

  2. Wouldn’t be surprised learning that Raz Simone is Jewish like former president Omaba. Name “Simone” looks suspicious.

    This Seattle situation looks like Deep State op. The commune created by trained revolutionaries, professionals. They enjoy protection of highest circles of power.

    Deep State wants to generate chaos in order to create justification for martial law to be declared by a new president, Trump or this other guy, you know who.

    • Like all the other Masonic revolutions the goal here is chaos and genocide. Martial law implies a restoration of order and the return to status quo ante. It looks to me far more like they want the police destroyed and the National Guard cowed. Antifa will be set free to turn the US into one massive Paris Commune with millions of white middle class Christians dying of disease, starvation or political correctness (guillotine).

      Cambodia under Pol Pot is likely the model, and just as Pol Pot eliminated the intellectuals and middle class, so will Antifa eliminate rich whites. Of course all these brain dead millenial bimbos will ride the tiger right up until they are beheaded too.

      As Bibi has said more than once:

      “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”

      I would say that the usurers have just about extracted all the wealth out of the white middle class. Time for the yids to get the inevitable genocide rolling.

      • “Antifa will be set free to turn the US into one massive Paris Commune with millions of white middle class Christians dying of disease, starvation or political correctness (guillotine).”
        Asinine comment. That’s the crime syndicate’s wet dream. Are you projecting for them or something?
        “I would say that the usurers have just about extracted all the wealth out of the white middle class. Time for the yids to get the inevitable genocide rolling.”
        Another idiot comment with projection of the worst case scenario. As usual with your comments, wide sweeping lazy deductions backed up by ignorance of well known facts.

        • Stop the ad hominems and back up your argument with reason. Explain how I am projecting. List your “well known facts” as a counter argument, if you are able.

          If you are unable to carry on a coherent debate, please return to your safe space.

          • I detracted from your comments, not your person, and even asked you if you were projecting before assuming that you were. I assumed you were projecting because you apparently believe that antifa will be operating guillotines in the USA in a yid supervised “inevitable genocide” of white Christians. So your usage of ad hominem is erroneous- a smart person can make an asinine or idiot comment. Second, I left out the facts in the first comment in hopes that you’d ask. Let’s start with the fact that most Americans don’t want rioting and such in their communities. Second, there’s 100 million of them with more than 350 million guns. This ain’t Cambodia, chief. You seem to think this stagecraft is working on ALL the masses because you’re watching media. You seem to think I’m supposed to be scared of 18 year old anime fans threatening to bust my kneecaps if I don’t like black lives matter. You seem to be thinking wrong.

            • I don’t live in the US and I don’t watch US media. I do study the history of communism, judaism and freemasonry.

              “most Americans don’t want rioting and such in their communities.”

              Do think Cambodians did in 1971? Do you think Russians did in 1917? The Parisians in 1789?

              “Second, there’s 100 million of them with more than 350 million guns.”

              Are guns really going to hold off 5g, starvation, unemployment, and the Bill Gates Vaccine? What about flouridated water, DEW’s, chem-spraying, weaponized social media and an entire brainwashed generation of Greta-zoids.

              Sure, I hope that gun owners of Idaho or Wyoming can ward off an entire military that has taken the knee. The confederacy failed in 1861-65, and back then the freemasons had a minute oppression tool kit compared to today. As far as the entire west coast or east coast goes, I believe that the majority of gun owners have already taken the knee to “racism”, global warming and the “china-flu”.

              What I don’t understand is what it was that I wrote that got you so triggered.

              • Twitter is U.S. media. Wherever you are, you’re still subjected to the same mockingbird propaganda. Look into Udo Ulfkotte if you doubt my statement and hear it from the horse’s mouth. Your responses to my facts given are telling. The first response is a straw man argument. Your second response was this: “Are guns really going to hold off 5g, starvation, unemployment, and the Bill Gates Vaccine? What about flouridated water, DEW’s, chem-spraying, weaponized social media and an entire brainwashed generation of Greta-zoids.”
                I’d argue that indeed guns can hold off what you’ve listed there, when combined with enough people of a common will, which this country still has, along with the added advantage of an amazingly vast amount of land that is largely uninhabited and therefore uncontrolled (which you admit you know nothing about). The US government is not omnipotent, nor is the crime syndicate threats you’ve listed above as being supposedly unable to be defeated. Some of them are dubious at best. I mean greta zoids are a major threat? You sure? Gates vaccine? I guarantee you that it won’t be mandatory here in the states- perhaps this is an ironic and unintended side effect of your dreaded weaponized social media being turned against its owners’ evil designs? Maybe you’re in a union jack country and you’ll have to take it, and I’m opposed to you having to do that. One shouldn’t even have to worry about such things. What gets me about your comments are sweeping generalizations and a rather defeatist slant which infers that all this bad shit is set in stone and we people have no further agency in it, except to die. So yeah, I vehemently disagree with your sentiments about what you think will happen in my country, a country in which you do not live, and have cursory knowledge of.

                • Yes- all electronic print, audio/visual media is show & tell. They are a smorgasbord of what to choose to believe. They leave the impression that this is how it is everywhere all the time. If a masculine plan truly exists to cohesively reset the American mind In the direction of media & actual decency & order, my instinct would know not to ‘torpedo it’.

    • Well the Capital Hill neighborhood is the Gay district of Seattle so this may be an improvement.

  3. Jim Stone has put up documentation that the whole Seattle thing is directly funded by Soros and sons. He’s put together some very convincing info and conclusions. The public needs to know who is running this operation but we probably won’t get the word. Soros seems to be pretty well protected by the political establishment.

  4. Instead of a conch, they will use an umbrella instead!

    “We’ve got to have rules and obey them. After all, we’re not savages”- Jack, Chapter 2

  5. They are now shoving the Rayshard Brook’s killing down everyones throats to keep the revolutionary fire going. Every local news station here in Salt Lake City led with it and I’m sure it’s happening in other states as well. There are already numerous gaps and coincidences in this so-called killing.

    • Oh yeah, a really low quality attempt here at floyd 2.0 with brooks. The guy is wrestling with two cops after passing out in his car while drunk driving in the Wendy’s drive thru, steals one of their tasers and fires it at them, but it’s excessive force because he was running away and because tasers are not lethal? These media plants are saying the cops should have let him call an Uber instead of giving him a dui, or that they should have just let him get away and arrest him later, total kids gloves required when policing nowadays, in the “everyone gets a trophy” clown world. This media complex needs immediate dismantling. It’s making it look like the whole country is “demanding change”. Please, this “soros summer” is only happening in the captured cities. Most Americans that have seen that video don’t have a problem with brooks being shot and acknowledge that he was being an abject criminal, and he deserved it.

  6. $10 reparation fee??!!

    Stupid knee grows have their chance at reparations, and they demand 10 bucks? How many buckets of KFC can that buy?

  7. Not too surprised so many from India are part of this. Here is a fact so few Americans know about regarding India: In the late 60s and 70s, India’s northeast state of Naxalbari was taken over by Communists, actually Maoists, in a party called the Communist Party of india (Marxist-Leninist). The leader was a man named Charu Muzumdar (spelling?),and another interesting fact was an associate of Musumdar, Hardial Baines, led a group in Canada called the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) and this party actually got over 1,000 votes in an early 70s Canada Parliamentary election! Anyway, association with these Indian communists could play into why so many leftists from India support communist antifa. How do I know this stuff? I once infiltrated (to find out the truth about communism) an American communist group in the early 70s, and hung out with them for about a year or two. And you can guess which group of people actually ran this small communist group…you can use parentheses if you want to….Bwahahahahahahahahahah!

  8. An in-depth look at what is really going on with Covid1984, climate change, and the George Floyd psyop. We have no friends, and no one is on our side including one DJT. These events are the cover(CV, CC)and the chaos(GF event)used to conceal the roll out of Agenda 21/2030 by our globalist custodians and the corporation formerly known as The United States of America.

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