The WHO Lied and Created a Global Panic: Second Extensive Study Finds Coronavirus Mortality Rate Is 0.4% Not 3.4% — Similar to Seasonal Flu

The Gateway Pundit's founder Jim Hoft (left) with Pundit writer Lucian Wintrich. PHOTO: Twitter/Jim Hoft/@gatewaypundit

By Jim Hoft | 12 April 2020

GATEWAY PUNDIT — A study released this week in Germany last week found the mortality rate of the coronavirus factoring in the asymptomatic cases is much lower than is being reported.

The German study found that around 15% of the population in the Gangelt had the coronavirus antibodies and were infected at some point without knowing it. Using this data the researchers concluded that the coronavirus mortality rate was 0.37%.

second study in Iceland found that half of those tested had had the coronavirus and that only 7 in 1,600 known COVID-19 cases ended in death.

This is good news. It shows the coronavirus is only slightly more deadly than a seasonal flu. […]

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