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Sesame Street Teaches Kids the Letters ‘LGBTQ’ With Cross-Dressing Actor

PHOTO: Billy Porter/Facebook

By Elise Ehrhard | 31 January 2020

NEWS BUSTERS — PBS once provided children with happy thoughts of a fatherly Mr. Roger’s talking to us about our day or adorable Ernie singing about his rubber ducky on Sesame Street. But for the LGBTQXYZ movement, children’s programming is just another opportunity to teach kids all the ways that it is a homosexual/transgender day in the neighborhood.

In recent years, children’s public television has premiered a “gay marriage” on Arthursang about two dads with a baby in a preschool song about families, and put Grover in a purple dress on Sesame Street. But apparently having a muppet go transvestite for a day just was not inclusive enough.

On January 30, the creators of Sesame Street announced on social media that cross-dressing LGBT activist Billy Porter, star of the LGBTQ FX show Pose, will appear on Season 51 of Sesame Street on HBO Max this spring. […]

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