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Girl Power Prevails Against Transgender Takeover in Track and Field

Canton's Chelsea Mitchell, left, and Bloomfield trans runner Terry Miller, race to the finish line in the girls' 55-meter dash in the CIAC Class S indoor track and field championships at the Floyd Little Center in New Haven Friday, Feb. 14, 2020. Mitchell won the race. PHOTO: Brad Horrigan/The Hartford Courant

In the dark spiral into New Underworld Order depravity, there sometimes appears a few signs of hope. Once in awhile, there are small wins for the natural order, which appears to be hanging tough and fighting the good fight.

As we have written before, the sistema has allowed transgender biological males to enter girls’ and women’s sports. These edge gamers are subsequently ruining competitive sports for biological females.

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Girl power heroine Chelsea Mitchell, age 18, is a senior at Glastonbury High School in Connecticut. Along with fellow athletes Alanna Smith and Selina Soule and their respective families, they filed a Federal lawsuit against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference for allowing two biological males to compete in girls’ athletic competitions.

Those males went on win 15 women’s state championship titles formerly held by nine different girls.

Chelsea is currently ranked the fastest “biological girl” in Connecticut, but she has lost four girls’ state championships and two New England competitions to transgender competitors.

In 2019, Chelsea finished third in the 2019 state championship in the girls 55-meter indoor track competition behind transgender runners Terry Miller and Yearwood.

New Haven, CT - 2/14/20 - Cromwell's Andraya Yearwood awaits the start of the girls 4x400 relay at the CIAC Class S indoor track and field championships at the Floyd Little Center in New Haven Friday. Photo by Brad Horrigan |
Cromwell’s Andraya Yearwood awaits the start of the girls 4×400 relay at the CIAC Class S indoor track and field championships at the Floyd Little Center in New Haven Friday, Feb. 14, 2020. PHOTO: Brad Horrigan/The Hartford Courant

Before this year’s 55-meter state championship, she stated: “I knew that I was the fastest girl here, one of the fastest in the state. I remembered all my training and everything I had been taught on how to maximize my performance. …

“I thought of all the times that other girls have lost. I could feel the adrenaline in my blood and hope that wafted from me. That just possibly, I could win this.”

Here, girl hero Chelsea is shown overcoming the handicap placed against her, rising to the occasion and winning the event. She defeated transgender runner Miller in the Class S 55-meter dash with a time of 7.18 seconds in the state championships.

Chelsea also overcame the gender handicap and defeated her biological male competitors in the long jump and 300 meter events, both of which she won.

In a clown world, eyebrow-raising comment, Miller even inserted the race card into the equation, as if black athletes were a minimal factor in sports and track and field. – “There is a long history of excluding black girls from sport and policing our bodies,” he said.

To our eye, Chelsea won through better conditioning. Miller looks a little out of shape.

In a rare, positive-note track on these pages, we came across more inspiring girl power.

There was a sprint event involving women over 100 years olds. Can you imagine?

Watch 102-year-old Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins  break the world record. And her fellow great-grandmothers did super, too, in a three-girl power dash to the tape.

“I knew I could run because I’m always in the yard working, and when the phone rings,” Hawkins explained, “I go running inside to answer it.”

Wunderbar! Uplifting! Inspiring! You go, girls!

4 Comments on Girl Power Prevails Against Transgender Takeover in Track and Field

  1. Chelsea’s win is crucial in the fight against transgenderism…and one day it’ll be awesome for a fully human person to beat some “enhanced” human the same way.

  2. Great to see, but a pyrrhic victory. If nothing changes it is inevitable that wins like Chelsea’s will be the exception rather than the norm.

    It poses some very serious questions – what is the future of femininity and womanhood? They are being sidelined for different versions of masculinity. Will women only be used to harvest eggs and then disposed of? After all, with the perfection of artificial wombs, they are not even necessary to gestate babies.

    Our “enlightened” civilization which boasts about the “victory” of feminism, is without a doubt, the most misogynistic ever, because it appears to be targeting the very existence of femininity itself.

  3. Torchy/Russ,
    I am just finishing reading Arthur Janov’s “Biology of Love”. I meant to read it before having kids but we are 2 deep now so figured why not. I’d heard about Janov as he has theorized that womb life and health of the mother during pregnancy and the 1st year of life for the baby determine the rest of its life. Disease, mental disorders, sexual orientation, all caused by development problems in the womb and development problems of the brain. Each chapter is devoted to a specific ailment like compulsive disorders or phobias, and even a chapter on homosexuality. I believe he was an athiest so he isn’t some gay basher, he is approaching it from a ‘pure science’ method. The point I am trying to make is the fad of Transgenders, Gays, Lesbian, whatever isn’t “just happening, its nature”. It is, “just nature taking its course”. Because Nature doesn’t lie and Janov posits a healthy brain and person as someone who has healthy vassopresin and oxytocin levels and wants to have kids and is attracted to the other sex. Humanity would die out otherwise, duh… Any ways the gist of it all is the mother of LGBT, mentally disturbed, obsessive adults (jeff dahmer, etc) later in life has gone through some kind of trauma emotionally such as abusive husband, self doubt, or some kind of chemical stress such as smoking, alcohol, too many drugs taken that dampen the fetus’ nervous system from developing. Too much soy or hormone blockers also, think of anything unnatural going to the baby and causing it stress. These stressors stop the development of emotional and physcological mechanisms the brain uses to protect itself in the world after birth, creating a sexual deviant or psychopath. On the flip side loving compassionate parents create mentally and emotionally strong adults later in life. The book is written in text book style, cheap to obtain. Worth reading.
    Knowing that, it isn’t far fethced anymore to understand the actors who are producing stressors in our world intentionally to create a weaker gene pool in certain countries.

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