German newspaper admits most boat migrants are fake refugees

By Arthur Lyons | 9 February 2020

VOICE OF EUROPE — A prominent German newspaper has admitted that the majority of migrants who make their way to Europe from across the Mediterranean sea are not legitimate refugees.

In a piece last week, Marcel Leubecher, a political editor for the popular daily German newspaper Die Welt, noted the significant uptick in the number of migrants arriving in Italy from across the Mediterranean.

In January, 1275 boat migrants arrived in Italy, including migrants that made it to shore by themselves without the help of NGOs. Leubecher then notes that number of migrants who arrived by boat has been “above the previous year’s figure every month since Septemeber.” […]

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  1. Thank you for letting us know that the Voice of Europe is up and running again, after being shut down for some time. Another of their articles shows that the Treasonous Danish government chose a Muslim from Eritrea to be their Immigration & Housing Minister. All western governments have begun putting foxes in charge of the henhouse like this. Even so-called Italian patriot Salvini once chose a Nigerian Muslim to be his Immigration Minister. Just as in Britain, a Pakistani Muslim was chosen as the “Special Envoy” to protect Christians worldwide from persecution. This is beyond a joke. Unless the genocidal traitors infesting our governments are arrested and replaced, the West is lost.

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