Not Looking Good: Main Stream Media, New York Authorities, Retconning Tessa Majors Murder Like They’ve Retconned Central Park Rapists

By Nicholas Stix | 19 December 2019

VDARE — Since the murder of Barnard College freshman Tessa Majors on December 11, the Main Stream Media have been up to their usual tricks. As with the Knoxville Horror and so many other crimes, they have, yet again, downplayed or suppressed outright the racial angle and the savagery of the killers, who mutilated the 18-year-old beauty’s face. But worse, the Fake News retailers have already begun selling the Central Park Five narrative: that the three suspects might be innocent, despite a confession.

Those suspects are a 13-year-old, who confessed; a 14-year-old, who was collared December 13 and released the next day, uncharged; and the other who jumped out of a car on his way to surrender to cops. The NYPD, which thinks Majors left a bitemark on him in her fight to live, has mounted an all-out search  [‘All hands on deck’ in manhunt for 14-year-old Barnard murder suspect, NYPD says, by Aaron Katersky, Erielle Reshef, and Emily Shapiro, ABC News, December 19, 2019].

Confessions and flight from the police aren’t obvious signs of innocence. But we’ve seen this movie more than once.

Thus not one MSM outlet has reported that the suspects are black. The New York Post identified the one who confessed, Zyairr Davis, but like the rest of the MSM left him raceless [Barnard stabbing suspect held without bail after Tessa Majors’ murder, by Priscilla DeGregory (also Joe Marino and Tina Moore), New York Post, December 13, 2019].

And the notion that this case could be retconned like the Central Park Five travesty, with a confession nullified, began in court when Davis’ free attorney from Legal Aid, Hannah Kaplan, insisted at the confessed murderer’s first hearing that he was “merely present when this took place” [A 13-year-old suspect told police he watched as friends slashed Barnard freshman, report says, Ray Sanchez, December 14, 2019]. […]

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  1. “Like They’ve Retconned Central Park Rapists”…well, I was around back then and saw what went down. They were in fact fucking innocent. The fucking police did in fact coerce them into confessing. Not mentioned by the POS that wrote this is that they did in fact disown their confessions long before court. The real perp did in fact have knowledge that only the actual perp would know. This is just about the worst example of trash journalism I have seen. The only thing sicker was Trumps full page ad back then that basically called for lynching, 2nd only to Buchanan’s opinion that one should be hung in Central Park by June 1st that year. They served 13 years for nothing. If this is an example of the journalism on this site…fuck off…I can read trash like this on Breitbart, Fox or even the racist shit site VDARE…where this crap came from. These are the types that excuse the fucking cops, no matter what. For some reason it’s OK for the cops to lie, cheat, steal, torture and coerce. Especially when, as this article pointedly points out, it’s black men attacking a white woman. Such a useful tool, it’s been used for decades, if not centuries…and these types are the first to dis blacks who they say use the ‘race card’, yet that is exactly what this author does, but that’s OK? I’d love to read their take on the Franklin scandal, I’m sure this twat would find all those kids guilty and cheer over the one that went to jail, convicted (railroaded) of perjury and remanded to solitary confinement. Then there’s the ‘retconning’ of JFK’s murder. Who do these people think they are, claiming the magic bullet wasn’t magic?

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