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Francis Acts Like a Nope Instead of a Pope

Of late, the observant are picking up on some odd and perhaps revealing behavior involving Pope Francis.

Please correct us if we are wrong, but kissing the Fisherman’s Ring is not worshiping the Pope as a human being. It’s a sign of devotion to the Holy See and dates back to (at least) the 16th century. It honors Saint Peter who was a fisherman by trade. Any Catholic should be able to kiss it. It’s a form of traditional indulgence.

But it gets worse. A close aide to the pope later said, “Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he does not.”

So it seems we have an arbitrary temperamental and moody pope to boot. Does he get an arbitrary vibe concerning his attitude toward each individual pleb (particularly adults) that comes before him? Sure looks that way.

Some are claiming Francis is reinventing the protocol as he doesn’t believe he (or any pope) should be worshiped or have their hands kissed like a king/queen. Then there is the health reason excuse.

In this display, we have Pope Francis, for whatever reason, choosing to reinvent this protocol. His demeanor is not one of humility. He seems impatient. He allows some to get near his ring, yet arbitrarily jerks his right hand away from most.

These invented false teachings concerning traditional religious practices are confusing. Several of the people’s reactions to the big opportunity to have contact with the Pope look hurtful, and these are the Church’s biggest supporters. This is very odd protocol and could suggest more discordian Trojan Horse behavior to damage the Church.

Regardless, perhaps a more sensitive protocol would be for his staff to instruct the faithful on new protocols before the Pope has to jerk his hand away.

Next, we have another example of Papal lack of professionalism and decorum. As the Pope turns away, an aggressive Asian woman grabs his right hand. Notice closely that his arm and hand are still extended after he turns away. Then the Pope jerks it away AND slaps (not once, but twice) and scolds the woman. What an amateur. This almost looks deliberate and staged.

Torchy Takeaway:  A typical demanding Asian tourist mentality adds to the drama.

Obviously at some point in indulging crowds, the Pope needs to veer off and go away. But there is no love here. He just abruptly turns his back without any recognition of their presence. There should be a blocking aid at that line break away point. The Pope should gesture or wave politely to the rest of the line. Acknowledge their existence, man. I see no signs that this Pope is into people.

Yet more creepy Pope Francis bitch slapping, this time a nun.

Here we see the Pope cynically injecting himself into heart warming but staged neo-liberal immigrant issues.  A Look at the Increasingly Dramatic Disconnect Between Productivity and Wages

The claim is that this little girl actually got through security on her own and that the Pope decided on-the-spot to let her through. This was clearly a publicity stunt. There’s no way the security team would bring someone, even a small child, right up to him, and CERTAINLY wouldn’t let her hand him something.

Sure it was cute, but it was also very-well planned. “We planned to do this from the moment we learned he was coming to the States,” Juan Jose Gutierrez of the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition told The Associated Press

Last but not least in the Trumpian Worldwide Wrestling shit storm meets with the Pope. We believe the cutaways in the video showing Trump playing handsy are a spoof, just to be clear — but it’s funny and fitting for clown world. Regardless the Pope the Grump doesn’t look pleased.

8 Comments on Francis Acts Like a Nope Instead of a Pope

  1. Excellent interpretation of what Francis is up to. He’s deliberately undermining the reputation of the papacy and here, of Christianity:

    Pope denounces ‘rigidity’ as he warns of Christian decline

    VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis warned Saturday that “rigidity” in living out the Christian faith is creating a “minefield” of hatred and misunderstanding in a world where Christianity is increasingly irrelevant…

    “Today we are no longer the only ones that produce culture, no longer the first nor the most listened to,” Francis told the prelates. “The faith in Europe and in much of the West is no longer an obvious presumption but is often denied, derided, marginalized and ridiculed.”

  2. Not being raised Catholic, I always thought kissing the Popes ring was a sign of submission to him, something I never agreed with. Besides, who knows where that finger has been!

      • I’ll have to agree with John Kaminski on this one.
        “The sociopaths are in power; they always have been. Judaism is the religion of sociopaths; it might be fair to say sociopathy is the religion of the Jews.

        Judaism is the parent religion. It is the timeless creed of robbers and killers, that nothing is really real except the loot. And when you call it sacred, you can get away with anything. Christianity and Islam are only two of the Jews’ ruthless bastard children.

        From the dawn of recorded history this one small group has never had a land it could call its own. Old Testament Judah was really the invaded Nile delta, full of pawnbrokers and drug dealers. These terminally skewed inbred imposter humans have plagued all major civilizations with their curséd coin-clipping schemes that have undermined all attempts at morality conducted throughout the entire history of the human species.

        This would be the historical and metaphorical God known as Mammon, popularly known as the God of Money, infamously remembered for a cult of eating bleeding babies which now appears to have hemorrhaged down through history to Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Jeffrey Epstein and the Democratic Party, which is now the party of illegal aliens (e.g., Barack Obama).
        It’s always about the sheckles, no matter the brand of “religion.

  3. Netflix’s “The Two Popes” movie, was such a puff piece. It hardly touched on (or rather neatly concealed) the real issues going on behind the scenes in the Catholic Church. Movies are such an easy way to establish and cement a fake narrative, given that people no longer read any deeper than the headlines in their “confirmation biased” medium. Spielberg’s “Lincoln” comes to mind, where the real issues behind the civil war (states rights) are totally swept aside and all that people are told is that it was all about slavery.

    • The American civil war was the fruit of a Rothschild/Palmerston plan to break up the US into a number of small, perpetually warring countries.
      Niall Ferguson, when he was writing the Rothschild-friendly “The Ascent of Money” was granted access to the Rothschild’s records. He noticed something odd- all the Rothschild correspondence with their agents in the US still existed, except for the years 1856-1860. Everything for these crucial 5 years had been culled from the files and burned.

  4. When Pope John Paul I was murdered (read “In God’s Name:An Investigation into the Murder or Pope John Paul I” by David Yallop) is when I decided to leave Roman Catholicism. He was a the last decent pope, IMHO.

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