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About the Movie ‘Cuck’ – Total Jew Film to Smear the Alt-Right

Scene from the movie 'Cuck.' SOURCE: Vanity Fair

By Brandon Martinez | 30 December 2019

ALT-RIGHT — When I saw the trailer for this film I thought there may be something interesting there.

From the trailer it looked like the film seemed to pick up well on the alt-right internet subculture.

But after watching it, I must say that whoever made the movie did so explicitly to besmirch the alt-right and portray us in the worst light possible.

You can see the whole movie here:

The main character is an overweight, repulsive degenerate who can’t hold a job and then makes a youtube channel to vent his frustrations with society. He’s depicted as a timid, dejected basement-dwelling weirdo living with his ailing mother who does little more than jerk off to porn and shoot guns at the range. […]

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