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Trump Failed His Base: Impending Collapse of the Southern Border

PHOTO: Fox 5 News

By Kruger Mane | 4 November 2019

THE DAILY GROYPER — “I used to make 16 grand a week”

I hear this comment made as I’m measuring out counter tops doing a little side work on a Thursday afternoon. “We used to run four man crews; I was paying my guys 18 [dollars an hour] to frame these houses man.” This 50-year-old man, who we will name Bob, was once a contractor with a pretty lucrative income doing residential construction, framing new houses in the South Eastern America area. ”When the illegals hit here, developers stopped calling. I was okay. I had a little put back. It was the fact of letting my guys go.”

I stumbled onto discussing this topic with Bob through the usual ‘water cooler’, dry, small talk about the news and Trump that people tend to float out with strangers or new acquaintances. I was quickly drawn into this specific part of the conversation because the details were part of a consistent topic of cable news shows and a key talking point for politicians on both sides of the isle. This anecdotal encounter would be my brush with the real effects of illegal immigration, so I wanted to pick somebody in an industry affected by the influx of migration’s brain. “So how did they do it?” I asked, “How do the illegals get developers to stop calling?” Bob puts the Marlboro Red he had been trying to light for the past 5 minutes it seemed like to his lips and took a long pull.” Cheap” he said exhaling. ”They will take ten men and under cut the price I quote for five.”

The next thing he said made me cringe. ”Trumps gon take care of that, if it wasn’t for them democrats blocking him we’d already have a wall.” In February at the state of the union address President Trump said something, that along with 2 years of empty promises  was a collective punch to the gut of the populist right and dissident right (and despite his faith Bob). […]

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