Black Chicago Youth Wreak Havoc With ‘Shoplifting Mobs’; Employee’s Head Slammed into Glass Case

Chicago police detain two young men and recover duffle bags filled with allegedly stolen merchandise in Lincoln Park on Saturday. PHOTO: Zero Hedge/Bret Miller/YouTube

By Tyler Durden | 12 November 2019

ZERO HEDGE — Organized shoplifting teams in Chicago are using children as young as 10-years-old to hit retailers in waves, according to CWBChicago.

Last weekend police reported that stores in the city’s Magnificent Mile, Lincoln Park and Loop neighborhoods had been hit hard – while one retail employee was reportedly pepper-sprayed and another had their head slammed into a glass merchandise case. […]

3 Comments on Black Chicago Youth Wreak Havoc With ‘Shoplifting Mobs’; Employee’s Head Slammed into Glass Case

  1. The stories just keep….right….on….coming. I hate to sound all “black pill” but my God, where in the hell do we go from here? I knock on wood daily and pray to God my area continues to stay MOSTLY unaffected by the likes of what I am seeing playing out in not-too-far-away Philadelphia but know it can’t hold forever. I am starting to see some dark creep in the outlying areas.

    • “… but my God, where in the hell do we go from here?” Hey Danny – kinda surprised you
      asked this, since I know you to be a pretty intelligent contributor from this and other sites.
      The answer is pretty simple: We need more after school programs. That’ll do it. And also
      better more nutritious school lunches wouldn’t hurt 🙂 From the article over at Zero Hedge
      I post one of the more enlightened comments:

      “Has any one suggested Duffle Bag control? It is all the fault of the duffle bag manufacturers! Who needs a duffle that holds a dozen coats or 100 pairs of Victoria’s Secret panties?

      If they couldn’t get Duffle bags to stow their loot they would be staying at home reading to the blind and working on their med school applications.”

      P.S. Any actual male who still has testosterone circulating knows what needs to be done.
      And it don’t involve no Constitution either. And plenty WANNA do it too. Cheers

      • Rommel 41 – LMAO!! I actually happened to have read that particular comment and got a nice chuckle out of it, especially on speculative theory no duffle bags equates to reading to the blind and working on med school applications. As black pill as I think I may feel at times, I can’t be too bad yet since I’ve not lost the ability to laugh at the wicked humor of some – which I always appreciate.
        Yes, I have definitely come across quite a few males who are on board with knowing what needs to be done – they also feel this way about those who are ultimately responsible for this red hot mess we find ourselves in.
        I have to say I appreciate your friendliness – I am coming across WAY too many males who have taken the Jew “divide and conquer” bate pitting white men against white women – some appear to have lost their minds and think ALL of us white women are left-leaning feminists who are on board with open borders and “diversity is our strength”. It’s quite disheartening and they need to stop assuming we are all like that – I know for a fact that plenty of us are not and are damned enraged about the persecution of our white males – I am horrified by it & still can’t believe I am alive to witness it. True evil is full blown rampant now and we whites simply MUST stick together. It’s imperative, especially since we don’t appear to be having any numbers explosions in the near future.

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