PewDiePie Trolls the ADL, and It’s One for the Ages

Felix Arvid Kjellberg, more famously known as “PewDiePie” (aka The Mad Lad), has the largest YouTube platform in the western world. YouTube honored him recently for reaching a milestone 100 million subscribers.

Obviously, PewDiePie is acutely aware of the full-spectrum censorship on YouTube. The Anti Defamation League (ADL) is on record as being a key element to dirty activities that have removed platforms by the thousands. Indeed, the ADL was responsible for Disney severing ties with PewDiePie. So, yes, PewDiePie is fully aware of the ADL.

In fact, at this stage, even the most blue-pilled normie  using social media understand just how dangerous the ADL is as an anti free-speech organization that targets and smears individuals with whom it disagrees.

ADL explains “online hate index” in their own words.

If anybody knows this zeitgeist and how much bad-faith baggage the ADL has built up, it’s PewDiePie. And he used this knowledge to troll the ADL in a manner that’s one for the ages. The genius behind PewDiePie’s trolling is that now the entire internet knows that a Jewish supremacist organization is responsible for much of the censorship on the internet.

How PewDiePie Did It

First, you can see PewDiePie making a $50,000 donation to what he called “a charity,” namely the ADL. This donation set in motion an enormous backlash from his fans, who called him a Judas Goat and criticized the ADL as a tyrannical organization, etc., etc.

Twenty-four hours later, a tongue in cheek PewDiePie declared that he had “learned more” about the ADL and, realizing the errors of his ways, was pulling his pledge. He specifically mentioned that he was “advised to pick this charity.” And you will rarely see a better example of duping delight at minute 00:28:56 in the video. This is really all you need to see. And just to illustrate how contrary and defiant he is, look at the Iron Cross on the black garb he’s wearing below.

After the “donation” retraction, another social media discussion erupted highlighting the issue of whether PewDiePie was extorted for this money. You can judge for yourself from his own words. Recall that in the fake manifesto from the Christchurch staged deception, the shooter completely and out of the blue recommended PewDiePie as an inspiration. This is a standard Crime Syndicate smear tactic, and PewDiePie isn’t dumb.

Ultimately, PewDiePie just lit the match and can let his foil further reveal themselves for who they are. The lying media jumped into the shit storm as well. At this stage in the collective consciousness, such attacks work as free advertising for PewDiePie.

PewDiePie just got married and says he wants to have kids. He can retire extremely wealthy at any time. At this stage, he may not really care to be further gamed by these nasty forces. How much revenue does YouTube lose when he effectively tells them to take a hike? What is the impact on the larger consciousness if the ADL and their minion YouTube shuts him down? I suggest that PewDiePie is conveying a “make my day” message.

Even worse for YouTube — and something that could be life threatening to PewDiePie — would be for him to take his huge franchise and migrate to an alternative platform. That platform would likely be DLive. He should take great care in driving and flying.

It’s already too late for the ADL and lying media. They have overestimated their credibility capital and burned through what little they had. E. Michael Jones described it well: It’s a new consciousness and awareness that can’t be put back into the genie bottle.

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  1. Clever play! When you sit on top of the world there is only one way to go. There is a raising of consciousness occurring. The predator class is fighting both truth and karma, a most ridiculous and untenable endeavor. Watch for some of the loyal goy minions running their system for profit and power to turn on their masters and side with truth and humanity. Soon.

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