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Spitting Incident Between 2 Jews in Brooklyn Reported as Antisemitic ‘Hate Crime’

SCREENSHOT: ZeroHedge/The Devon Girl@kl_mika_/Twitter

3 May 2019

RIGHT OF THE RIGHT — In the latest in the ongoing series of alleged incidents of harassment and assault against Jews in New York, a jewish passerby spat at and cursed another Jewish manin Brooklyn on Wednesday, an incident which was captured on video and published on social media:

On Wednesday, Jack Blachman, a resident of Brooklyn and a member of the Chabad community, intervened when he saw a passerby yelling at two Jewish girls to get out of his way on the corner of Carroll Street and Albany Avenue.

The same man subsequently turned on Blachman aggressively and shouted at him that Jews had created a cult.

“You Jewish people, yeah, I was once Jewish mother f***er,” he yelled at Blachman. “Y’all created the cult,” he added and spat in Blachman’s face. […]

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