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Israel is Playing a Big Role in India’s Escalating Conflict with Pakistan

Signing up to the ‘war on terror’ – especially ‘Islamist terror’ – may seem natural for two states built on colonial partition whose security is threatened by Muslim neighbours

By Robert Fisk | 28 February 2019

INDEPENDENT — When I heard the first news report, I assumed it was an Israeli air raid on Gaza. Or Syria. Airstrikes on a “terrorist camp” were the first words. A “command and control centre” destroyed, many “terrorists” killed. The military was retaliating for a “terrorist attack” on its troops, we were told.

An Islamist “jihadi” base had been eliminated. Then I heard the name Balakot and realised that it was neither in Gaza, nor in Syria – not even in Lebanon – but in Pakistan. Strange thing, that. How could anyone mix up Israel and India?

Well, don’t let the idea fade away. Two thousand five hundred miles separate the Israeli ministry of defence in Tel Aviv from the Indian ministry of defence in New Delhi, but there’s a reason why the usual cliche-stricken agency dispatches sound so similar.

For months, Israel has been assiduously lining itself up alongside India’s nationalist BJP government in an unspoken – and politically dangerous – “anti-Islamist” coalition, an unofficial, unacknowledged alliance, while India itself has now become the largest weapons market for the Israeli arms trade.

Not by chance, therefore, has the Indian press just trumpeted the fact that Israeli-made Rafael Spice-2000 “smart bombs” were used by the Indian air force in its strike against Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) “terrorists” inside Pakistan. […]

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  1. Nukes don’t exist… they’re an obvious fear tactic-do you really believe humanity would show such restraint over the last 80 years? Why are Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, the deserts of New Mexico and Nevada, etc et al still inhabitable when they should be barren nuclear wastelands for centuries? How smart are you, mr hasbara? Not very! If nukes really existed, and India and Pakistan were nuke-equipped mortal enemies, they would’ve used them by now, as they’ve been supposedly nuke equipped for over 3+ decades. Keep peddling the bullshit. People with the ability to still use their faculty of deductive logic know the score. Funny how nuke equipped nations all promised to not use them preemptively- because they cannot be used, because they aren’t real. It’s pretty simple.

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