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Gen Z Blowback: Post-Millennial Whites React to Anti-White Agit-Prop

There are many people who totally lack introspection or perception. Case in point is the following Facebook post from a school “counselor” with SJW leanings. It seems that Gen Z youth — those born 1995 to present, also known as Post-Millennials, the iGeneration and the Homeland Generation — are having an awakening (aka “red pilling”). Interestingly, the counselor mentions both young women and men. I have a response for this teacher: Whether you like it or not, what you’re seeing is called blowback. It should come as absolutely no surprise and is a natural reaction.

A generation of white youth is being made into scapegoats. As Winter Watch has been covering [see 17 articles below], their basic civil rights are being violated. These are the cadre that end up on college campuses and who see the worst elements of twisted, Millennial, anti-white agit-prop. Even Forbes, which we now rate as a passable mainstream media source, is dialed into the Gen Z political phenomena and covers it in a reasonably balanced way here. 

As adults, we shouldn’t be overly concerned about how this manifests itself or the symbology used. Youth will be more rebellious, and they may incorporate shock value that gets the attention of the lugenpresse. Mostly, the Gen Z presentation is clean cut.

It is also true that many of these Gen Zers are (or were) Trumptards. Winter Watchers who understand that this is not about dialectic partisanship can and should debate and educate them on that, but in a brotherly manner.

Our “elder advice” is to focus like a laser on the anti-white behaviors from any source. The participation of members of any particular tribe or racial groups involved in anti-white agit-prop and anti-white civil rights should be matter of fact and evidence-based.

Since Gen Zers are in part red pilled, the broader question is whether can they be mobilized as a force against Zionist neocon warmongering. That might require blood spilled or friends lost in a war in which the target (North Korea, Venezuela or Iran) fights back. Gen Z, being of fighting age, would take the hit. If a large anti-war America First movement manifested as a result, then kleptocratic Crime Syndicate captured politics will be turned on its head. This would be our beyond-left-and-right third-position nationalism.

The list below is but a sampling of documented anti-white behavior. It can be used as debate points. It is also time for those (of any generation) who oppose anti-white behaviors to use our own shame card. The ICS formula is to identify specific behaviors and who does them (if the shoe fits, wear it), condemn, shame.

We have developed an archive of numerous articles detailing shameful anti-white behaviors and scapegoating. Our most popular article was the first one. This is a list of 17 articles that can be readily referenced from this page:

A Who’s-Who List of Anti-White Jewish ‘Pseudo-Intellectual’ Quackery

Drexel University students show support for ‘white genocide’ profess

Yale ‘decolonizes’ English dept. after complaints studying white authors ‘actively harms’ students

Drexel University students show support for ‘white genocide’ professor

Rapper Sparks Outrage With Music Video Showing Him HANGING White Child (VIDEO)

There’s Just One Catch In Reed College’s All-Expenses Paid Campus Visit Program: No White People Allowed

Stanford students start ‘disrupting whiteness’ club

Connecticut Campus Shut As Professor Flees Following ‘Let Them (Whites) F**king Die’ Tweet

Take Down ‘Racist’ Theodore Roosevelt Statue, Activists Tell New York Museum


Student Columnist Defends His Op-Ed Celebrating ‘White Death,’ Says It Isn’t Racist

‘Non-white’ student linked to racist graffiti inside school, officials say

Apple Diversity Chief Forced Out After Saying White Men Can Also Be ‘Diverse’

((((CUNY Prof))): ‘The White-Nuclear Family Is One Of The Most Powerful Forces Supporting White Supremacy’

Century-old Francis Scott Key monument defaced with ‘racist anthem’ in Baltimore

Imagine Calling FBI Over ‘Protect Your Heritage’ Posters

San Fran Transit: We Refuse To Release Crime Surveillance Videos Because It Will Make People Racist

Georgia Governor Dem Candidate Stacy Abrams Calls for Removal of Stone Mountain Carvings


7 Comments on Gen Z Blowback: Post-Millennial Whites React to Anti-White Agit-Prop

  1. This reminds me of the anti-war movement of the early sixties which was made up of clean cut college age students. These youngsters saw the Vietnam conflict for what it was, another foreign intervention which would end up just like the Korean conflict. Quite frankly, they had no interest in becoming the cannon fodder in another meaningless war.

    Out of thin air the mid-sixties magically gave birth to the drug fueled hippie movement. Before long it was “free love” and “tune in, turn on, drop out”, all being tied to the anti-war movement. The country had been split into dope smokin’ anti-war filthy hippies and red blooded American patriot’s willing to go and do their patriotic chore. To kill those evil commie bastards. It was almost like it was by design.

    The youth of today must be warned of covert intelligence programs carried out by those in charge and how to spot infiltrators. If not I see another “wash, rinse, repeat”.

    Dave McGowan exposed the fake hippie movement in “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream”.

    Most of the material from Dave’s book is on his “The Center For An Informed America” website kept active by his daughter. I recommend the website along with the book as it is loaded with many great high quality photo’s, not included in the book.

  2. The internet and Amazon books has made information far more accessible and obtainable than generations past. These kids know how to find what they want on the internet and know what they don’t want on the internet.

  3. From my perspective, I enjoy this group…I have 5 sons spanning 1996-2012…Yes, 2 wives…And no interest in a third…
    Anyway, the youngies know they have been fooled..They are woke…And their solution is decentralization…So best you get your head around a stateless society with distributed ledger tech…No, not BTC…That’s a fraud…but technology that liberates…The big guys have no idea who built the system and how they plan to unbuild it….Back doors everywhere..etc…

  4. Don’t tell me…that ((((CUNY))) prof is really a (((SUNY))) prof at THE mecca of political correctness, SUNY Old Westbury, perhaps THE first minority-majority college ever in the US (and I actually got a psych degree there…which was for the most part meaningless…thank God I met my future hubby and now live in far west Texas, where Sul Ross State is still reasonably sane (even if it is majority Hispanic…for the most part, Hispanics out here are good folks. Oh, and, I forgot to mention…there are no synagogues that I know of within 100 miles of where I live…) Anyway, I am being facetious about the ((((CUNY))) thing…

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