Telltale Signs: There’s No Rest for the Wicked

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Unlike the lies you may be getting elsewhere, we at The New Nationalist (TNN) try to give you a truthful perspective. If it’s spades, we call it spades. If it’s diamonds, ditto. In the upside-down world, we are labeled “Nazis” for it.

In looking over the second video footage of the anti-Trump protests, TNN first estimated that about 75% of it looked organic. But judging from the long cavalcades of buses in the first video, it may be much, much less. Who’s paying for these protest buses, let alone organizing such a demonstration?

As you can see that in the next video, the first 2 minutes shows most of these people are blowing off steam. The signs look improvised. As the video continues and into the last half, you see the presence of fires and the burning of the U.S. flag. Those by and large are agent provocateurs and are not organic.

Then comes more shake-my-head (SMH) telltale signs. The protesters at 3:45 are chanting “Mesh-e-co, Mesh-e-co” (Mexico) in Spanish around a fire while carrying trademark yellow and black Soros-supplied Purple Revolution signs. This puts forth to real Americans who have even residual patriotism the impression of an invasion. This visual is likely orchestrated by the Crime Syndicate. However, that doesn’t mean new nationalists should just let it slide. It is not “racist” to react against organized invasion by foreigners.

As far as the social-justice-warrior (SJW) and snowflake crowd goes, the question begs: Do you realize that your agendas were just AstroTurf for the (((plutocrats))) the whole time? As you will see people on the right need to ask the same question. Once the emotion of losing to Trump wears off, some may have to come to terms with this. There are decent progressives out there who need to realize they’re being manipulated by cultural Marxists.

And there are valid reasons for both decent progressives and forthright nationalists to be concerned. Trump’s new tax policy has been revealed and it is very favorable to plutocrats. And who are the plutocrats? Fifty percent of those who appear in Forbes 400 Richest Americans are Jews. Many of these can also be found in the Jerusalem Post’s list of the World’s 50 Richest Jews.  Progressives, your anger at poor red state whites is misplaced! 



That said, and despite enormous swamp-dweller pressure, Trump’s response so far has been measured and presidential. Even though a number of the incidents involving his supporters against minorities have been identified as hoaxes, he has still called for a stand down. Presidente Hopium has ignored it. And the Clintons are overtly supporting a Purple Revolution, even going so far as showing up at events wearing purple.

Trump has made two main appointments to his staff thus far. He brought in the GOP operative who was loyal to him, Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), as his chief of staff. Populist Stephen Bannon will serve as chief strategist. In TNN’s view, this is not a fail but realpolitik and is designed to garner support from the party while maintaining the nationalist/populist side of his movement. Additionally, all indications are that TPP is dead, and Trump deserves credit for that.

Many, including TNN, are dreading his next appointments [see “Trump Faces a Purple Revolution: Response, Appointments Will Reveal All“]. Regular readers know TNN was not even lukewarm toward Trump and sometimes referred to him as a faux or Judas goat candidate. The jury is still out and the evidence is both pro and con. The main challenges ahead is that most of the “experienced” personnel in gubnut are swamp dweller neocons and bankster plutocrats. There are plenty of those circling in, such as Gingrich, Giuliani, and Woolsey. If Trump brings more than a smattering into his administration, it will be dead on arrival. If he doesn’t he faces a deadly struggle, and will deserve our support. 

I was heartened to see the black lesbian bigot Wanda Sykes roundly booed by a crowd in liberal Boston. Watch the following video. First, she is politely greeted, then her routine bombs. As she accelerates her launch into an anti-white, guilt tripping screed, the crowd hears enough. If you don’t watch the full eight minutes make sure to at least skip toward end.

Are these just Trump supporters in this audience? Boston voted 79% to 17% for HRC. I doubt if many of those 17% went to a Sykes performance. Those hecklers that scammer Sykes called mofos could very well be progressives growing tired of the reverse racism. Mr. Predicto knows these “artists” and “comedians” are going to lose most of their audience with this real racist behavior, and the (((commercial interests))) who sponsor them will take large financial losses. And that is a wonderful thing.

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  1. Never doubted for a moment that the protests were Soros organized all the way to the high school kids marching in the streets. Bill and Hillary’s purple revolution may yet backfire especially since Trump clearly won both popular and EC. Our local paper published an interesting statistic and I’d love your take on it, Russ. Seems that while progressive, reform Jews went for Hillary in droves, the orthodox crowd ( Hassidic, Chabad, etc ) was just the reverse. The entire town of Lakewood, NJ, a major orthodox outpost, went for Trump. I know his son-in-law was president of Chabad a while back, but that doesn’t explain it completely. What do you think/know?
    Also some people are wondering if Trump has already been tamed in view of his far more conciliatory tone. I’m hoping it’s just strategic.

    • I follow the reformer Jewish Forward on occasion, and from what I see the difference is mostly just competition over spoils. See our article “Jewish Organizations Bag Vast Majority of DHS Nonprofit Security Grants”

      Mostly the reformers like to whine about how much more successfully parasitical, racist and criminal the orthodoxs are. The reformers on their end bring us cultural Marxism that the orthodoxs are more indifferent to. For goyim it is pick your poison. Trump seems much more tied into the nasty right wing Likudniks. That is hardly a good thing as it looks more and more like a nasty strain of kosher right wing aka Likud politics is in store.

      • This guy keeps talking about the Christians in the settlements. Are there any left? I was under the impression that Israel had pretty much driven out the Christians with the exception of a few religious sites. I find his insistance on telling the truth rather amusing since the Babylonian Talmud says that Jews only have to be true to each other not to the goyim, so who is he kidding.
        Still, he does sound genuinely sincere or am I just used to the sound. Many thanks for video, clears it all up for me.

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