Imagine Calling FBI Over ‘Protect Your Heritage’ Posters

Indiana University calls FBI, investigates white supremacy fliers found on campuses nationwide

8 February 2017

RT — Professors of color at Indiana University (IU) contacted the FBI after their office doors were littered with fliers from a white supremacy group.

The fliers were “posted under cover of darkness” by a group that identifies itself with white supremacy, according to a statement released on Monday by IU’s Provost and Executive Vice President, Lauren Robel.

The fliers were posted on office doors, and specifically targeted “faculty members of color or scholars of race and ethnicity,” Robel said, adding that they were posted to “intimidate, threaten, scare, and provoke anger among faculty, staff, students and visitors.”

Charlie Geyh, a law professor at IU, responded to the incident on Facebook, calling the fliers “burning crosses for the 21st century.” […]

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