Call for Heterosexuality to be Banned in France

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By Czakal | 12 January 2019

DIVERSITY MATCH FREI — The French leftist site Mediapart has published an article calling for heterosexuality to be banned.

Given that heterosexuality is not a sexual orientation, but a system of domination generating and nourishing sexism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia and other  oppressions such as racism, ableism or classism;

Given that heterosexuality meant the abandonment of gays, bis and trans to AIDS, indifference to their death, the refusal to undertaken targeted prevention campaigns, the censorship of campaigns and the legitimation of the censors, waiting to grant rights; …

Given that heterosexuality is a denialism [“négationnisme”, a word that signifies Holocaust Denial in French], rewriting the history of struggles to show kindly, brave heterosexuals fighting for the rights of minorities when they didn’t give a damn about them until we rubbed their noses in the horrors they created or caused to be created; …

Given that heterosexuality, in France, is a woman dying every three days at the hands of her male companion, the refusal to speak of “feminicides”: it is also the resultant higher rate of suicide among young LGBT, a culture of rape and its impunity; …

it is urgent that heterosexuality be banned.


There’s a lot more in a similar vein, too, but I won’t bother translating it all. […]

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  1. You seems do have missed the most important part: the subtitle reads “Pour un référendum d’initiative citoyenne” (for a citizens initiated referendum).
    To finally arrive at placing these long asked for and awaited people requested referendums in law (constitution), in order to give back some power to the people, is one of the most important reasons of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) revolt.
    So, this is clearly just a stupid stunt in order to black wash the Yellow Vests. I hope you don’t take any part in this.

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