Israeli Hackers Reportedly Offered Trump-linked Firm Cambridge Analytica Private Info on 2 Heads of State

Cambridge Analytica's chief executive officer Alexander Nix. His firm recently found itself in the spotlight for misrepresenting itself and harvesting data from millions of Facebook users to aid the Trump campaign. PHOTO: AFP/Patricia de Melomoreira/Getty

Directors at the company instructed staff to use data provided by hackers, and in two cases in 2015 employees refused using such materials, the Guardian reports

21 May 2018

HAARETZ — Israeli hackers offered Cambridge Analytica, the data collection firm that worked on U.S. President Donald Trump’s election campaign, material on two politicians who are heads of state, the Guardian reported Wednesday, citing witnesses.

According to the report, the hackers obtained the materials by hacking the private email accounts of the two politicians.

Executives at Cambridge Analytica – including CEO Alexander Nix – instructed the staff to use the materials provided by the hackers in election campaigns in Nigeria and St. Kitts and Nevis, citing multiple sources.

According to the report, in Cambridge Analytica employees met Israeli cybersecurity contractors at their London office. The Israelis reportedly gave them a USB stick containing what they said were hacked emails. The employees were told to search the data for incriminating material that could be used to damage the opponent of then-Nigeria President Jonathan Goodluck, who hired the firm. Goodluck lost the election to Opposition Leader Muhammadu Buhari. […]

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